Fulani appeals for the restoration, preservation of grazing reserves


Fulani appeals for the restoration, preservation of grazing reserves
A concern citizen Alhaji Ahmadu Aliyu Kauran Juli Zaria has appealed to the government to help in the restoration, preservation of old grazing reserves across the country by ensuring farmers and others stop the intrusion and taking over in the interest of peace.
He made the appeal in an interview with New Nigerian asserting that Fulani grazing reserves are being taken over and turned to residential areas or farm lands.
He said as a result, Fulani have been for long, undergoing difficulties, challenges of economic survival and how to take care of their cattle through proper grazing.
Alhaji Ahmadu expressed appreciation with the actions taken thus far by Kaduna State Government against cattle rustlers who he said have terrorized Fulanis time without number, stealing their cattle and in the process killing their family members.
With the security measures put in place to check cattle rustling and other heinous crime, the Fulanis now feel secured with their herds of cattle and their family members within their settlements he asserted.
He advised Fulanis to support the government and abide by all the laws of the land wherever they find themselves so that the authorities will appreciate the position and contributions of the Fulani to the economic prosperity of the nation.


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