Amateur league needs revolution – Ofuyah


Amateur league needs revolution – Ofuyah
For Nigeria to regain its lost glorious in sports, administrators
must first look at the amateur league, from where a revolutionary
change can produce the desired results.
Federal Capital Territory (FCT)’s pioneer Football Association (FA) Chairman, Coach Bamidele Ofuyah gave this charge in
an interview with New Nigerian Sports.
According to him, we must go back to the basics and correct errors
that we have made, before any appreciable progress can be made.
Ofuyah who is the coach of JZ United, explained that if we first get it right in football, other sports will also follow suit. “If we get it right at that level, the future of our league and football will be on the right path.
After we get it right in our football, all other sports will leverage on that.
“And when our sports industry stands through football, it would be the
highest employer of labour in Nigeria,” he emphasized.
The veteran coach, who became FCT FA Chairman 33 years ago, stressed
the need of ensuring that only persons with the track record of achievement are allowed to emerge leaders of the Nationwide League.
“This is why we are rooting for Honourable Godfrey Gaiya to become
Chairman, so that the league can get a new leaf of life,” he added.


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