First Batch MBA Students Of Hope Builders Foundation Will Graduate October – Management



The Management of Hope Builders Foundation for Entrepreneurial Education, (HBFEE) has said that their first batch students of Master of Business Administration, (MBA) will be graduating in October this year, 2023

The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) HBFEE, Dr. Mathias Yashim, disclosed this during a coffee chat held in Kaduna on Thursday, said the students have gone through rigorous trainings and are set to impact their world.

According to Mathias, the MBA programme runs through the period of six to twelve months, adding that the students were admitted across various lines of interest haven met the screening requirements for the professional course.

He noted that the organization is partnering with government agencies like the Industrial Training Fund, (ITF) the National Directorate of Employment, (NDE) including Labour and Productivity to certify trainees who do not have any form of professional higher education upon successful completion of the program so they can have something that is tangible and unique.

Mathias equally stressed that the MBA program is purely for people who have their own venture, giving out solution to challenges of humanity, and solving problems of the society, as Participants go through the program and graduate with a professional MBA in their chosen fields.

He reiterated that, “this is the first set here and we choose to bring in our partners for them to interact with the students so the world can get to know what we do here.

“It’s such a special program because these people are working. Before you are admitted here, it is expected that you have a project or venture that is legal, a website that we can see and verify your claims, it is expected that we can track you on social media handles to ensure you are truly doing what you claim, and then you come in here with the mindset to accelerate and to expand that venture and thereafter, we work with you based on your purpose and ambition.

“Our major assignment is to ensure that you know what you want to achieve, what will it take you to expand and after that, we hold you by the hand and work with you to ensure that you achieve that thing and making it global, that is when we now see that you are ready to graduate.

“So coming in here again, it’s not an academic program where people compete but here, we compliment ourselves. We help, guide and support ourselves. So it’s a ‘we-win’ thing because everybody is a master in his own field. All that we do is the principle of acceleration and we give it out to them.

“On the fees, yes we know that the program is a little bit expensive but we also gives out scholarship to all our students up to 85% of the complete school fees. Some gets up to 90% and some gets up to 95% all that we have in mind is that money should not stop anyone from expanding his or her own venture.” He said.


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