ExploreAids, dPRC Provide Childhood Education, Protection In Health Facilities In Borno



The Executive Director, of  Explore Aids, a non governmental organization, Dr. Lawan Balami has said that development Research and Projects Centre (dRPC) is funding Explore Aid to provide early childhood education at child friendly spaces for children in government health facilities across Borno State.

He added that the project will last a period of one year and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  with the ministries and health facility agencies in the state to execute the project which will liaise or collaborate with the government ministries and health agencies in its operation at the designed hospitals and health facilities in some selected LGAs in the state in the first phase of the project.

Dr. Balami  in his welcome address on Thursday at a one-day workshop organized by Explore Aids for the Borno State Government Stakeholders, held at Borno Public Emergency Operations Center (BPEOC) Maiduguri,  added that  the mission of the organization is to empower marginalized.  and vulnerable  communities to have  access to a better life through provision of evidence based humanitarian and development interventions, which address needs of the beneficiaries to include women, girl child empowerment and child protection and for mental components. 

He added that the objective is to  enhance ability of target beneficiaries to learn how to acquire social and economic and environmental problems for sustainable community development. 

While the vision is to visualize a society, where marginalized and vulnerable population feel protected, healthy, respected and  empowered to promote their social, health, economic, cultural and moral development.

According to him, the project will be conducted in thematic areas such as health, education, nutrition, environment, food security and protection.

He said Explore Aids will operate in synergy with the health, education, children, water and environment among other ministries and agencies, to ensure the success of the project, where plans are underway to have focal persons in all the affected and relevant ministries and agencies, towards effective conduct and management of the health and children project for the benefit of the children and society at large.

The Executive Director called on the personnel of the ministries and health agencies to support and cooperate with the organization in implementing the project which has mental health, psycho social and educational benefits for the children, child protection, welfare, education,  child rights,  development,  water and sanitation, environment and food security benefits among others.

Dr. Lawan expressed gratitude and appreciation to all the invited Stakeholders and the media for their contributions and prayers  while reassuring the commitment and determination if the organization deliver successfully with government support and encouragement.

However, stakeholders at the workshop  after presentation of the project mission, vision, objective and themes of operation for the project, recommendations were made  by the participants towards improving and implementing the children protection project successfully in the state to include incorporating and expanding the health facilities , establishing synergy and collaborative links with the principal partners in the conduct of the project.

Stakeholders further suggested  consultations with the key personnel at all the health facilities and hospitals involved in the project to streamline, strategize and concretize cordial working relationship between the organization government establishments as well as  involve the media in its activities for the purpose of educating and enlightening  parents and guardians on the significance of the project  in the society.

Other contributions include the humanitarian aspect of the project which has livelihood support to the children of both the vulnerable and physically challenged including the play which the project centers on, in educating,  entertaining and protecting the children within and outside their environment and health facilities environs in addition to creativity.


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