AFAN warns farmers against selling of produce before havest


By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria.
The Chairman, Kaduna State All Farmers’ Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Alhaji Nuhu Aminu has raised alarm over the attitude of some farmers in the state selling their farm produce before harvest in the name of poverty.
Aminu who raised the alarm in Zaria in an interview with New Nigerian stated that the act became imperative in view of the fact that such activities may jeopardise the food security of the society”. It has become mandatory upon me to raise the alarm, because I personally visited the affected farms myself. This is of course a terrible act, if care is not taken, we will endanger our future”.
According to him the worst part is, the buyers don’t mind to buy the farm produce at any rate. These people go specifically for rice and maize still standing on farmlands and they have their agents all over the state,” he said.
The Chairman observed that if the farmers refused to heed to the advice, the consequences would not only affect them but the entire society.
“We must say the blunt truth, if farmers heed to this advice, good for all of us but if they refused, it will be at the detriment of all, because food scarcity doesn’t affect an individual alone but the entire society.”
The chairman also challenged the farmers to be mindful of God’s right over the farm produce cultivated to give out alms (Zakat) to the poor and needy as stipulated by God Almighty.
“Farmers must bear in mind that they are inviting calamity by selling off their farm produce without giving out Zakat, because you cannot give out money as Zakat for farm produce.
“Islam has directed us to give out Zakat of farm produce that reaches Nisab during harvest not before harvest and not in monitory terms.
“Remember, it is at the mercy of God Almighty we experience annual rainfall and it is out of His mercy we cultivate crops and it is out of a His bountiful mercy we harvest the yield,” he noted.


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