A Ray Of Hope For Ginger Farmers In Southern Kaduna


By; ISAAC ODEH, Kaduna

The outbreak of Ginger blight disease in the Southern parts of Kaduna has left many ginger farmers devastated as they continue to count their losses due to the damages done to about 250,000 hectares of ginger farms in the area running into billions of Naira.

Inua Ali, a resident of Kankada village in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State is one among many farmers who are yet to recover from the trauma of the loss caused by the disease. 

He lamented that his loss is running into millions and counting because of the lack of seeds for this coming season.

However, some of the  farmers discovered to their amazement that the use of SRI Gold Bio NPK fertilizer produced by Contec Global Agro Ltd and marketed by NNIL Commercial Company Ltd provided a remedy to the ginger blight. Godwin Haruna Bariakat, who reluctantly applied the organic fertilizer had this to say, 

“When the fertilizer was introduced to me, I did not take it very seriously, nonetheless, I applied to my farms and the result was very satisfactory.

“I experienced a good harvest especially with my ginger produce.”

Yohanna Bulus who is into vegetable farming emphasized that, apart from ginger, the organic fertilizer is an antidote to diseases affecting vegetables and legumes.

“As of last year when Contec Global  Agro Limited and NNIL Commercial Limited introduced the product to me, farm produces were very low, however, this year alone, my vegetables farm such as pepper, onions and spinach are blossoming.

“As I applied the fertilizer that I was given not knowing that it also boost vegetables, I discovered that my produces have improved,” he added.

On charting the course and the way forward, the representative of Contec Global Agro Ltd in Kaduna, Mal. Habib Shehu narrated that Ginger farmers in Southern Kaduna should take advantage of the SRI Gold NPK fertilizer and Floroplus GA for soil treatment before planting, and Agriguard GA as seed treatment. 

These organic products provides protection for crops against pests and diseases and guarantees good harvest.


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