Youth Group Sends SOS To President Tinubu Over Dankaka, Says Its Corruption Fighting Back


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

A group, the Congress of Nigerian Youth Leaders on Wednesday, called on  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to come to the rescue of the embattled Chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), Hajia Faridah Dankaka.

The group made the call in a statement jointly signed by Jackson Adedokun, Tahir Malunfashi and Ebemibowe Princewell the group’s Chairman, Secretary and Publicity Secretary respectively.

According to the group,  the gang-up against Hajia Faridah Dankaka ” is a clear testament of corruption fighting back.” 

Frowning at what it called the media trial the FCC Chairman is being subjected to, the group described the ongoing probe by the Federal House of Representatives as nothing but an “hatchet job, aimed at blackmailing Dankaka out of the FCC, so the sleaze which was the order of the day before her appointment at the Federal Character Commission.

“We’ve followed the macabre dance playing out at the House of Representatives, we’ve painstakingly done our independent investigation and we’ve come to the wonderful steps the embattled Chairman has undertaking upon assumption of office,” it said.

The group added, “Prior to her appointment, FCC was a job racketeering hub, where buying and selling of federal jobs was the order of the day, all which she dismantled upon her assumption of office.This was her major undoing, as the job racketeering syndicate was a multibillion naira, well coordinated organised group, with connections across all strata of the society”.

“It’s obvious with the cordinated onslaught against her, that they’re hellbent on getting her out of the way so FCC will be returned to the old ignoble order.This incident is a litmus test for the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration which has started well, Dankaka’s anti-corruption crusade at FCC is in alignment with the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s vision and that’s why he must refused to be blackmailed to dissolve the board”

It maintained  ” We have damning documentary evidences to expose the gang-up, in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be addressing a world press conference where we’ll lay all available documents and evidences at the public domain, for discerning minds to make informed decisions”.


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