Write more quality literature for the teaching of morals -Ajimobi to Yoruba authors


By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Thursday asked Yoruba authors to write more quality literature for the teaching of morals and hard work to engender attitudinal change among the youths.
The governor gave this advice while speaking through his Deputy, Chief Moses Alake Adeyemo at the public presentation of a book, ‘Ona Ola,’ authored by a popular Yoruba presenter and Special Assistant on Broadcast Media to the Governor , Mr. Babatunde Olaniyi held at the Parliament Building, Agodi, Ibadan.
Governor Ajimobi declared that the dearth of books that teaches morals and hard work among others “is greatly eroding the rich Yoruba culture that teaches moral rectitude and hard work as means for survival”.
“This book has come at a time Nigeria and the people are looking for alternative, but legitimate ways to wealth and affluence. If we follow the recommendations in this book, I am sure we can be assured of a way out of individual financial doldrum,” he said.
Describing the author of the book as “a committed and ardent Yoruba language protagonist, Governor Ajimobi  recommended the book for use in public school and public libraries across the South West.
The governor while advocating the return of popular Yoruba programmes to the broadcast media to ingrain the ways and life of the tribe in the minds of the children who, he said, are daily being swayed by foreign culture picked from the new media, he said “the book is worthy of making the state’s recommended book list for secondary school so as to help our children to gain from the author’s fountain of wisdom.”
Chairman of the occasion, Oloye Lekan Alabi urged Nigerians to go back to the days when merit was key to achieving success,
saying, “our forebears and nationalists who truly made landmarks in our society that have helped socio-economic lives of the people are good examples”.
“We should also not forget that those who fail to convert the best channels to wealth or survival will continue to live in poverty, because there is a thin divide between poverty and wealth,” he said.
Oloye Alabi while lamenting the current economic downturn in the country and blaming the people’s inability to condemn corruption and corruptive tendencies around them, said
poverty comes as a result of failure to snatch opportunities and convert same to wealth or wealth-creating channels.
The book reviewer, Dr. Abib Olamitoye, declared that the book outlined various ways by which readers could wriggle out of the jugular of financial incapacity like the juxtaposition of income and earnings, saying,”the average poor man spends more than he earns, the successful spends less than he earns, while the wealthy spends more and earns in fold.”
The book presentation was attended by the Onpetu of Ijeru, Oba Sunday Oyediran, the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Olalekan Alli; Head of Service, Mr. Soji Eniade; Special Adviser to the Governor on Communication and Strategy, Mr. Yomi Layinka, National and State House of Assembly Members; State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Akin Oke, among others.


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