We are Afraid El-Zakzaky May Die in Detention – Shi’ite Movement


Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) have expressed fears that its leader, Sheik Ibraheem El-Zakzaky may die in detention if the Federal Government continue to deny him access to treatment.
The group on Monday at a press conference in Kaduna, said their major concern now is the deteriorating state of health of their leader who has been in detention without trial and access to his doctor for treatment.
According to the group which was led by Professor Abdullahi Danladi, National Coordinator, Resource Forum, IMN, “we are deeply concern about the health of our incarcerated leader‎ and believe that it is in the interest of the Nigerian state and those holding him to release him unconditionally to enable him attend to his health.
“The Nigerian people and the international community know too well that our leader has not been accused of committing any crime and has not been charged or arraigned before any competent court of the land for the past eight months in clear violation of his fundamental human rights.
“It has become increasingly clear that the Nigerian authorities are not too bothered about the survival or health of our leader, while they recently cynically told the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja that they are detaining him with his con‎sent in protective custody and that they have spent close to five million Naira on him.
“Evidence glaringly point to the contrary, the Shaikh is being held and allowed to gradually loose his sight and die in detention. What is obvious is that his health condition in general and his sight in particular is rapidly deteriorating.”
The Professor urged the Federal Government to hid to an advise given by the doctor hired by the DSS in an attempt to save his sight, when he recommended that the Shaikh be allowed to see a specialist, as he could no longer do anything else because he has reached the limit of his professional abilities.
He added “the doctor had reportedly told the Shaikh that perhaps an intervention in a better equipped facility could save his sight. Additionally, the left arm where he sustained gunshot wounds is still demobilised and the wounds are yet to completely heal. There is no mention of how well-controlled his elevated blood pressure for which he had on medications prior to the attack eight months ago.”
He therefore, appealed to those holding him hostage illegally in violation of his basic rights, to release him as a matter of urgency to enable him seek medical attention in any place of his choice.
Professor Abdullahi also called on all human rights groups, right activists, well meaning citizens and the media to join hands in demanding for justice for the IMN leader and its members who are currently languishing in prison.


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