UTRI Conducts Public Awareness Campaign On Climate Change,  Environmental Protection 



A  senior  Official who is working to ensure the success of environmental protection through the care of trees, especially in cities, that is the Urban Tree Revival Initiative (UTRI), Hadiza Badamasi, has conducted   a community rally,  for men and women who went around  the city of Kaduna with the aim of informing the public about the importance of trees in cities to protect the environment.

Hadiza Badamasi told reporters in Kaduna that they have organized a public rally that went around the city of Kaduna on the streets, including the main market of Kaduna that is (Central Market) with the aim of making everyone aware of  their actions.

“The main reason for this public rally is to make everyone aware of the issue of climate change and its effects on the social life of humans in the society.  improving and protecting the environment from all other harmful effects that threaten the environment in the community,” she said.

Hadiza added that, “this will help even the government as an agency to continue to do what is right, and the authorities and people will continue to be aware of the issues of climate change and  its effects  on the environment and that will be very helpful in embracing all the provisions of the climate change management laws.”

Speaking to reporters at the rally, Dr. Umar Haire, the Chief Officer in charge of Garbage and Disposal of the Kaduna Capital Territory Authority,  (KCTA),  called on the entire community to ensure that they continue to give full cooperation and support to all the policies and things that government has come up with because everything that the government does is  for the people’s  benefit.

“So let’s embrace government plans and do the right thing, we are assuring the public that I don’t think there is any community that finds itself in the problem of flooding all the time.

“We have done everything that is necessary to say that the water channels have been desilted and cleared, we have removed everything that is not wanted which has given us the opportunity to successfully open the waterways. If you go to Kaduna River, you will see that government worked for the benefit of the entire people and now water  is moving smoothly”. He explained.

According to him, that is why some states are emulating what Kaduna State is doing to repair water channels because of the efforts made by the government  to have  good water channels.

‘Because the government has invested a lot of money to ensure that the Kaduna River is dredged, as a result of which water flows to the place as needed without any problem.

“With this kind of efforts by the Kaduna State Government, we hope that there will be no problem that the NIMet predicted will happen, that there may be floods, that’s why we are explaining that with the efforts of the government, this will be nothing but historic and that is why we are calling on other stakeholders to join hands with us, namely the Kaduna State Government, to see what others are predicting, doesnt happen in all of our society.

“Because Kaduna is ours, that’s why we are calling on all the people to know that Kaduna is our city, so it is appropriate that we do everything possible to protect our city so that we can have a beautiful city and a better life, indeed, in the effort to achieve that, everyone is required to put their hands in with the intention of contributing to the government’s efforts,” he appealed.


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