TY Buratai Encounter’s TY Danjuma 



Both have TY as initials. Both surnames have seven letters. The Danjuma I know for more than four decades, a household name he was. A hero’s hero to the growing  patriotic minds. High esteem we all hold the tall, a personality to behold. In actions and in words, an inspiring war commander and a sound administrator.  

A civil war veteran with a difference

A hero’s hero amidst daunting challenges.

An accomplished general loved and admired by all. 

A business mogul, philanthropist per excellence. 

An astute administrator and a military strategist. A political mover and shaker.

Such stands the elder statesman and a patriot with high international standing. A profound wisdom abound in statesmen. It seems not all statesmen act in wisdom all the time. But for him, an exception. 

In TY Danjuma, an excellent mentor 

In M Buhari, a loyal and trustworthy mentee 

A bond cultivated in espirit-de-corps, service years never forgotten  

An example in loyalty I find worth of emulation  

A lesson for officers and men in uniform today and for tomorrow. 

It was in my third year in office. The position he once held. TY Danjuma, with his carriage, courage, and charisma, made that office of the Chief of Army Staff well known.  His leadership style was inspiring.  In his footsteps follows TY Buratai. 

Enters Buratai into the Asokoro residence of TY  Danjuma.   An evening to behold. At the height of the counterinsurgency operations, a quiet, dark evening as the moon’s trimester reached. 

Firm but warm hand shake extended with a strong aura that could move mountains. It’s the first time ever so close. I had to summon the needed courage and strength to meet the towering personality. 

Keen, he was interested in the progress of the war against the insurgents. A truly patriotic concern in supporting his mentee, President Burlhari. Insurgency and terrorism in NE Nigeria were the key issues of our discourse. Concerned on the various attacks by the insurgents. 

The Counter-Terrorism operation steadily progressing but many challenges abound. 

Assurance given, just like the outcomes of the Nigerian Civil War. A war fought within our territorial jurisdiction and amongst countrymen.  

Complex and devastating it were on all sides. 

No nation should ever wish to experience something similar again.  Lucky our nation declared , no victor, nor vanquished. 

Now, insurgency is subdued, but metamorphoses into terrorism. 

Long-term strategy against terrorism,  a must at the political, strategic, and operational levels.

Terrorism remains the insurgent’s last resort after defeat. War without end – terrorism is called in some quarters. Behold the resilience of the troops and the eagled eyes of the state intelligence agencies. Combined efforts further degraded the insurgents.  

Finally, the march to lasting peace and security beckons, but much more work needed to be done to keep the peace. It is much more difficult and expensive to keep the peace than warfighting. We all must know this, or else , terrorism and banditry will remain in Africa for a very long time.


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