Strange Okra Disease In Northern Kaduna State An Epidemic — IAR 



The Director Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR), Professor Muhammad Faguji Ishiyaku has said that the strange Okra disease is an epidemic, which is prevalent in several places.

He stated this while fielding question  from newsmen on the recent discovery of the strange Okra disease in Northern Kaduna State and some  Southern parts of the country.

Faguji Ishiyaku said on receiving the report of the strange Okra disease, the institute’s experts swung into action and revealed that it is a virus that causes the disease.

According to the investigation, the virus is transmitted by some insects which are vectors of the these  disease.

Also the virus can  emanate from a source and it can be an infected source that can  come from anywhere.

The Director said, unfortunately, the virus diseases is unlike bacteria,  it has no chemical control measures for now.

But as experts advise, the control can be indirectly by conducting a spray on the insects that spread the virus.

Professor Muhammad Faguji Ishiyaku advised farmers to spray the Okra with insecticide that will control those insects from spreading of virus.

“As IAR Scientists have taken some samples for laboratory testing in order to identify the real virus, farmers were advised to continue with their farming by spraying insecticide with the aim of controlling the spread of the virus”.

“Even though the Okra is very healthy for consumption, but next year, farmers should make sure they buy their seed from a seed company “. He further advised.


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