Southern Kaduna Comes Alive With Volleyball  



The success of inter-tertiary volleyball in Southern Kaduna has been remarkable and has gained popularity in the region. 

This tremendous event which the sponsor intends to host  annually, has provided a platform for talented volleyball players from various tertiary institutions to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. 

One key individual who deserves recognition for his immense contribution and support to the sport is Engr Musa Nimrod, the Chairman of the Kaduna State Volleyball Association. His dedication and commitment to the growth of volleyball in the region have been pivotal in the success of this tournament.

The success of the inter-tertiary volleyball competition can be measured not only by the intense competition but also by the emergence of notable volleyball teams.

 College of Education Gidan Waya, 1st, KASU kaf campus, 2nd, and ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro, 3rd, while college of Nursing Kafanchan and Federal school of Statistics Manchok are prime examples of institutions that have excelled in this tournament, showcasing their talent and dedication to the game.

We must express our deepest appreciation to Engr Musa Nimrod for his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to the sport. His dedication and support have played a key role in the success of inter-tertiary volleyball in Southern Kaduna.

The success of the inter tertiary school competition will not be complete if we did not recognize the coordinators of this great event in persons of coach Bonat E. Ishaya and Coach D. J. Thaj who tirelessly moved from Delta state to see the success of this great event.

Jonathan D Thaj writes from Kafanchan


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