Selfish, greedy leadership is Nigeria’s problem not restructuring – Haruna


As the call for restructuring of Nigeria by some prominent leaders continue to generate a heated debate, a veteran Journalist, reknown columnist and former Managing Director of New Nigerian Newspaper, Muhammed Haruna said the major problem of Nigeria is not about restructuring but selfish and greedy leadership.
He also said that Nigeria’s problem is more of lack of integrity among some of the leaders in the country.
According to him, a person with integrity will not allow himself to be involved in any form of corruption that will cripple the country’s economy.
The veteran media manager was speaking during the 4th Energy Correspondents Workshop organized by Kaduna Refining and Patrochemical Company (KRPC) held in Kano State on Saturday.
“We have restructured this country before but it seems we have a shot memory about it.  So, to me restructuring Nigeria is not the problem. Nigeria’s problem is more of selfish and greedy leadership. This is our problem and not restructure,” he said.
He also pointed out that no country can develop along ethnic or religious lines, saying it has never happened any where in the world.
The columnist called on government to come up with curriculum that will teach the younger generation good characters from primary to secondary schools.
Haruna frowned at the level of neglect of public schools by the government, saying the government needs to invest in primary and secondary schools education massively, by making sure that revenue allocation formula is changed to make the state and Local Government more beneficiaries than the federal Government.


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