Ramadan; Bauchi Interfaith Chair displease over Nigeria’s dependence on export


Chairman, Bauchi State Interfaith, Aliyu Umar Misau has expressed disgust that 56 years after independence, Nigeria still imports basic necessities of life for its citizens.
He recalled that Nigeria colonized along with other countries such as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan have now all except Nigeria developed economically and technologically.
Umar, a former ABU Zaria registrar, was speaking at breaking of fast (IFTAR) organized by Muslims/Christians Peace Movement and sponsored by Interfaith Mediation Centre, held at Jamil Hotel, Bauchi.
The Bauchi Interfaith Chairman said, “This country has adequate schools, primary, secondary and university where colossal sums of money are being chunked into these institutions but the educational goals are nothing to write home about”.
Umar attributed the underdevelopment of the country since independence to short of genuine peaceful co-existence among Nigerians generally, and commended organizers of the ‘Iftar’, stressing that both Islam and Christianity have same historical origin rooting to Prophet Abraham.
“There is no rationalization whatsoever as to why Nigerians cannot live together peacefully and in harmony with one another irrespective of difference in religion or creed, and be proud of the country with all the patriotism it deserves”, he queried.
Alhaji Aliyu Misau stated that Bauchi known for its hospitality and peaceful co-existence has since stabilized interfaith mediation, and prayed God to unite Nigerians for the smooth growth and development of the country.
Earlier in a welcome address the Director Interfaith Mediation Centre, Kaduna, Reverend Peter Dangiwa while saying that there is unity in diversity, recalled that co-existence in interfaith started 21 years ago.
Reverend Dangiwa said, “Our division is not helping us, our unity is going to create development and synergy between us, it is only with our unity that we can stand to develop this nation”.
Dangiwa, who dwelled on some similarities between the two religions, called on Muslims and Christians to promote those similarities, saying “The only difference between the two is in Isaac and Ishmael both of whom came from same father Abraham.
The Interfaith fast breaking which was attended by a wide spectrum of Christian and Muslim faithful and leaders of some non-governmental organizations, have the Chief Imam of Bauchi and State CAN Chairman represented by Ustaz Musa Abubakar Jahun and Mr. J.J. Kumbe respectively.


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