Power Supply: Mass Protest Against the AEDC In Minna


By; BALA B. BITRUS, Minna.
A mass action/protest against the continued epileptic power supply and blackout by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC across parts of Niger state is fixed for today, (Tuesday. 20th December 2016), organized by residents of the capital city, Minna and surrounding environs.
Under a popular mass movement, the planned protest is to show disapproval over the inexplicable and continued epileptic, poor power supply and in some places, total blackout for weeks unend.
Findings by our correspondent comfirmed that electricity consumers in parts of the state capital are poised for a massive protest match on the major street of the city centre.
The protest tagged “Million Man Match Against Blackouts By AEDC” is the resolution from decisions by residents of communities affected by the epileptic power supply from the national grid as channelled by the AEDC to the state.
Electricity supply from the national grid to the state is under the franchise right of the AEDC which controls the four states of Nasarawa, Kogi, Niger and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
But since the company (AEDC) won the bid as one of the nine distribution companies in the country to distribute electricity to states, consumers of electricity in Niger state have not been comfortable with the services of the company.
Electricity consumers in parts of state have had cause to lament over the poor, decreasing electricity supply for two years running.
The situation got worst this year prompting Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger state to publicly lament the frequent power outages and weeks of blackouts without explanation nor apologies from the company.
On two separate occasions, the state government threatened to withhold its monitory contributions for power generation in the country since the state was not getting commensurate services from the national grid.
Though information about the planned  protest is sketchy, sources told our reporter that it is  billed to be flagged off at the popular Mobil Roundabout.
The procession would match through the major streets and Highways, the Emir’s Palace, AEDC’s office in Minna and then to the Government House.


  1. My words to the Concerned Nigerlites staging protest against indiscriminate blackouts, bogus light bills etc in Niger State.
    20th December, 2016
    If you meet with the AEDC, tell them as reminder that:-
    1. Niger State is a Host Community to the Nation’s 3 Hydroelectric dams (Kainji, Jebba and Shiroro).
    2. We also suffer ecological disasters just as other regions hosting national treasures do, e.g. Niger Delta.
    3. We haven’t forgotten the promises/
    agreements reached before our people/farmers were robbed of their farmlands for the construction of those 3 dams.
    4. We are yet to see any social benefits like “good roads, good schools, good health centres, good electricity etc.”
    5. We also knows the value of money if 13% derivation is approved and given to us. And this must be done quickly.
    6. We are also demanding for establishment of Ministry of Hyperdec to take charge of unforeseen issues in and around the Hydroelectric producing region.
    7. We are demanding for special consideration in electric billing system so as to cushion our ecological disturbances. And prepaid meters most be installed with immediate effect.
    8. We are also demanding for 40% local content most especially in appointment/employments within our region.
    9. We are not forcing them to give us free light but let it be available 24/7.
    10. Hypadec should take effect immediately.
    Anything short of this is sabotage and first-class cheat to us and our state.
    Alluta Contunua!!! Victoria Acertar!!!


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