Police CMR Platform Recovers 89 Stolen Vehicles 



The importance of the Nigeria Police Force Central Motor Registry (CMR) platform has been highlighted by the Force Public Relations Officer ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, saying it has assisted in combating motor vehicle-associated crimes.

He disclosed that no fewer than 89 stolen vehicles were recovered within five weeks through the platform, due to the swift response of CMR desk officers in collaboration with field operatives.

The Force spokesperson hinted that since inception of the CMR on December 7, 2022, the police  has received a total of 8,569 requests from 7,513 applicants, encompassing 8,497 motor vehicles and 72 motorcycles/tricycles. 

Out of the figure, according to him 8,466 have been successfully approved, while 103 requests are currently in the processing phase. 

Making the disclosure at a media briefing in Lagos on Thursday, ACP Adejobi emphasised that the statistics underscore the dedication of the Police authority to streamlining and modernizing its processes, ultimately benefiting the public and bolstering law enforcement capabilities in Nigeria.

He added that over the past five weeks alone, the CMR platform has witnessed the registration of 1,244 vehicles, with 234 of them flagged as reported stolen on the platform. 

Adejobi also clarified that motor vehicle registration and licensing are within the purview of the Nigeria Police Force as our role is to acquire essential vehicle data for our repository, vital for national security. 

While justifying the importance of the platform, Adejobi stressed that the CMR offers profound benefits to various stakeholders within the society. 

He assured that Motor vehicle licensing agencies, insurance firms, and other 

pertinent entities will experience increased efficiency and productivity with streamlined processes and real-time access to vehicle statuses. 

“:Additionally, this innovative system contributes to reducing crimes by 

providing comprehensive details and statuses of vehicles, enhancing law enforcement efforts, and serving as a powerful deterrent against unlawful activities.

” The CMR’s digitalization underscores our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining 

law, order, and security on our roads”, the Force Public Relations Officer said.

Speaking further, he said, “:.In our pursuit of enhanced national security through the CMR, the Nigeria Police Force appeals to all government agencies involved in the motor vehicle administration ecosystem for cooperation and collaboration in data exchange and sharing.

“: We believe that this synergy is essential for the success of this transformative initiative.To ensure comprehensive coverage and effectiveness, we propose that the CMR becomes a mandatory requirement for motor vehicle registration and renewal licenses nationwide. 

” This step would not only streamline 

processes but also enhance national security by providing real-time access to critical vehicle information. Furthermore, we stress the 

importance of establishing data endpoints for digital integration, facilitating seamless data transfer across relevant agencies. 

” Lastly, we are committed to supporting the sustainability of the required infrastructure for data integration, recognizing the financial 

support needed to maintain the system’s robustness. Our combined efforts will undoubtedly strengthen our national security framework, ensuring the safety and well-being of all Nigerians”.

On how to access the platform, he said, ” .To apply for CMR services, we encourage citizens to visit our user friendly public portal at https://cmris.npf.gov.ng. 

” For support or inquiries, our dedicated team is available via email at cmrsupport@npf.gov.ng, or you can contact our CMR Command Centre in Abuja at 08117777666 and 09169892000, or the CMR Command Centre in Lagos at 08117777555 and 09169891000. We are committed to providing efficient and accessible services to the public through our digitalized Central Motor Registry, and these contact channels are here to ensure your needs are met seamlessly”.


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