Plots To Destabilise Alia”s Administration  By Abuja Forces Uncovered,  Benue Govt Cries Out




Benue State Government  has said that there are  devious plans by  forces in Abuja comprising some members of the National Assembly from Benue to destabilize Gov. Hyacinth Alia’s administration despite all the positive developments recorded by the administration within eight months. 

In a  statement by the Chief Press Secretary, Tersoo Kulas, the State Government said that it has smelt this on many fronts, particularly, following the torrent of divisive concoctions sponsored in the media by these same agents of underdevelopment, who are not comfortable with the massive positive development in the state.

The State Government while reacting to series of attacks in the media by some members of the National Assembly from the state, described their actions as unfortunate.

On the media briefing by Abba Moro  in Abuja recently that the dissolution of the former elected LG Councils by the Benue State House of Assembly is the cause of insecurity in Benue State, the CPS said the government is worried because such insinuation coming from a person of Moro standing should not be overlooked. 

“Benue people should ask Moro to unravel more about what he knows of the root cause of insecurity as it relates to the dissolution of elected LG councils. Our suspicion is that Moro may be discreetly cooking crooked plans to destabilize the state to justify his assertion”.

On the allegations against the Government by a member of House of Representatives  Philip Agbese, he said the government viewed his fabrications as a deliberate attempt at misinforming the people with the vicious aim of creating an uprising against the administration of  Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia.

“Agbese blatantly, during a press conference in Abuja, lied about security votes for the state. We make bold to state unequivocally here that security vote for Benue has never risen to N1bn needless to mention N3bn under Rev. Fr. Alia’s administration. So, Agbese will surely be provided an avenue for him to prove beyond reasonable doubt such unfounded allegations against His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia and the Government of Benue State” 

On the  media insinuations that a letter was sent to herdsmen to return to Benue for open grazing.” it would be recalled that during the burial ceremony of the late Tor Sankera at Katsina-Ala recently, His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia made an unambiguous pronouncement that the Anti Open Grazing and Prohibiting Law of Benue State is still alive and shall be enforced fully.”

He debunked the the negative impression that the government of Benue State has  sent a letter to any group including herdsmen to come into the state to contravene the law in question.

He further stated that the Government of Benue State is worried that based on the already exhibited desperation of some retrogressive elements, it is possible they must have equally cooked such a nefarious communication to achieve their unholy ambition. 

‘The Benue State Government is digging into this matter. If anything of such is discovered, the perpetrators must be assured, they will have to answer for their sins against the state.”

According to the press statement, the Benue State Government appreciates President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is keeping his determination to keep and fulfil his side of the covenant.


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