PDP  Getting More Supporters Across All  Geo-Political Zones –  Dr Wailare (INTERVIEW)


Dr. Saleh Musa Wailare in this interview, is excited that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is  getting more supporters in Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general elections and they are set to vote  out the All Progressives Congress (APC) at both levels in order to bring real change in the country. In this interview with our correspondent, JABIRU A. HASSAN, he said that  Kano for  example, is  leading the advancement of PDP into the geo-political zones in Nigeria.


You are the candidate for the People’s Democratic party (PDP) from Dambatta/Makoda Federal Constituency, how would you assess the might of your party across the constituency?

Alhamdulillah, this is an important question and I wish to tell you that PDP is getting supporters everywhere in Nigeria not only in our federal constituency. And with this development, our people remain very committed to ensuring that the party wins elections with wide margin.

What is the reason behind this support from the electorate, especially at this time when the 2023 general elections is drawing nearer?

First of all, the people of Nigeria are very much tired of the APC because it failed Nigerians woefully. And our party has good provisions for the people of all categories, this is among the reasons why Nigerians need real change. 

We are working selflessly to ensure that Nigerians are saved from the APC misrule  in order to live a happy live an that is why our party is now the best political party with excellent blueprint for the people and the nation in general.

Recently, you visited your constituency where you met with your  supporters of all genders, how did you rate the might of your electorates?

This is another question that is vital. Certainly I visited my constituency to extend condolences and greet some of our people  who are sick or on other reasons that is normal in livelihood. What i saw is an indication that PDP is loved by our people and  by the special grace of God the Almighty, we would win the forthcoming elections with good results.

Before answering the call of your people to contest for House of Representatives, your foundation remained committed to assisting the people at both Dambatta and Makoda local government areas, are you really satisfied with the level of the support you are now enjoying?

It is true that our organisation, Tamallan Foundation was established long time ago, where we contribute in the area of education, healthcare, youth empowerment and women progression. With what we have so far done and with what we are now offering, when elected, I would double this efforts to ensure that more people benefit from our initiatives.  

What are your challenges for being a candidate aspiring for the member House of Representatives on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party?

Well, in any situation, there are challenges in one way or the other. But our journey is fruitful and the people of Dambatta and Makoda are solidly behind me because I am aware of their problems and I would try as much as  I can to see that we overcome majority of the issues despite challenges.

Are you satisfied with how  Nigeria’s electoral body (INEC) is getting ready for the 2023 polls?

From what is being witnessed at INEC, there would be no problem for the 2023 general elections. The National Peace Accord that was signed by our presidential candidates is a testimony that INEC is ready for the elections and we are also satisfied with the ongoing strategies.

What is your message to the people of Dambatta and Makoda as well as our teaming youth who are on the frontline during campaigns and  polls?

Let me first of all, thank the people of Dambatta and Makoda Federal Constituency for supporting my candidature. I promise to represent them evenly when they elect me into  Nigeria’s Parliament. I am ready to bring more dividends of democracy without political differences. 

Furthermore, I am appealing to the Nigerian youth to play politics with extra caution as some politicians often use them for political thuggery, which is not good. We are in the eve of elections, and we want to have good governance. Therefore, we have to make our outing very reasonable during campaigns, in order to have a free and fair election.

Thank you sir for giving us your time to interact.

Thank you too, and I am happy to have a chat with New Nigerian Newspapers, which is one of the best national dailirs that is also popular in its reportage.


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