Oladipo urges return to school sports.


Oladipo urges return to school sports. 
President General Nigeria Sports Supporters club, Dr. Rafiu Oladipo, says Nigerias continued success in global sporting activities rest squarely on delineate and cautious plan to return spots to the grassroots, especially school sports.
While delivering a lecture as a guest speaker at the discovery sports Federation seminar under the auspices of Sport Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) in Oyo State, he insisted that it was the only way to build on the success of the past particularly at a time the country celebrates another world cup win at the cadet level.
“That the discovery and development of burden talents from the cradle cannot be over emphasis” Oladipo explained before a packed audience, “we are aware that the greatest sports men and women that we have all over the world today were discovered at very tendered ages. Name them, Tiger Wood, Williams Sisters, to name but a few”.
He also noted that relevant stake holders like the government, corporate entities, the media and even parents all have a role to play in ensuring that Nigeria takes her rightful pride of place in the comity of the world’s biggest sporting Nations.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Oyo SWAN, Seun Ajayi Obe had earlier Expressed his gratitude to Dr Oladipo for finding time out of his tight schedule to honour them with his presence.


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