Not Too Young To Run: CSP Usman Shugaba Will End Insecurity In Kaduna State



The Not Too Young To Run Bill started in 2016 with the intend to give way for young Nigerian youths to participate in the affairs of polity. 
The Bill was sponsored by Tony Nwulu in the House of Representatives and AbdulAziz Nyako in the Senate and the Bill got presidential assent on May 2018.
It was a very good move for Nigerian youths and the Bill will keep promoting the spirits of democracy among passionate youths that have the capacity to lead Nigeria in various positions.
Though for many times Nigeria has been given good chances to many youths and their leadership styles were very commendable and applaudable. A good example of Not Too Young To Run leadership was the impeached Mahdi Aliyu Gusau the Deputy Governor of  Zamfara state whose leadership style was supported by youths and geared towards their development.
Glancing towards the 2023 General Election there are many youths that are now aspiring for different political positions to serve their people while other people are been pushed to contest because of their capacity and ability as the people believed in them.
One of the vibrant youth of Not Too Young To Run that is been called by the people of Kaduna state to contest for the governorship political race of the state is Sagir Usman Shugaba; the  Aide De Camp to Mrs Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s First Lady.
CSP Usman Shugaba, the aide-de-camp (ADC) to President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife is an intelligent police officer with quantum of security knowledge who can use his experiences and expertise to avert the breeching peace in Kaduna state and others.
Before his appointment to be the ADC of Aisha Muhammadu Buhari Usman Shugaba had served the Kogi State governor as ADC and without doubt his full capacity of experiences on security and intelligence of crimes of any sort made him a champion and a warrior in detecting crime and quenching them, and surely he will the quit boiling insecurity black spots in Kaduna state because he learnt so much on how to guide, protect and secure people. 
Kaduna state has only been producing pure administrators as governors and at this time of insecurity dilemma and the search for the best and right candidate that will bring peace for the people, there is no other person that can do the job better than CSP Usman Shugaba.
There is no safe heaven in Kaduna state and this is the right time to give a trial to CSP Usman Shugaba a security architectural officer that work is to sacrifice their lives for others to live to combat terrorism and other crimes bedevilling the state and amend our insecurity woes.
Looking at the insecurity level in Kaduna state and the amount of deaths always recorded, Kaduna state people should have a second thought to resolve on the right person to choose, anoint and make their own governor for peace, development and unity.
Like the saying “a police is your friend” CSP Usman Shugaba is a benevolent police officer with passionate human relations for all and sundry and Kaduna State youths will definitely be elated to hear CSP Shugaba acceptance speech to contest for Kaduna state governorship seat 2023.
Leadership is about vigor and determination and CSP Usman Shugaba as a young, energetic and confident Nigerian Police inspector will bring good development for Kaduna state because he has impacted so much on the lives of Kaduna state people being it in education, employment and politics. 
As a gentle, calm but prudent and vigorous police officer, CSP Usman Shugaba is a non-corrupt Nigerian police whose passion is to fight corruption and clean the mess of thuggery governance in Kaduna state. His intelligent plus his know-how experiences of detecting crimes will sanitize Kaduna state from drug abuse and criminal elements and as a law abiding officer will put an end to wanton killings and raping of minors that are taking the stage of the state.
The African proverb says if you want to see a good work give it to the one that learnt it very well and indeed CSP Usman Shugaba will be the right governor for Kaduna state 2023 for peace and prosperity and Shugaba should be the choice of the youths to path way for the youths’ development for peace, development and tranquility for Kaduna.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim is a political analyst from Kaduna State and can be reached on


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