Nigerians Now Worship Money In Religious Houses – Cleric


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan.
A clergyman Reverend Joseph Ade Dopamu of the Church of the Transfiguration Anglican Communion on Thursday
said Nigerians are now worshiping money in churches and mosques rather than seek righteousness and salvation.
Reverend Dopamu stated this in Ibadan during his sermon at the 5th Annual Carol of Seven Lessons and Songs organized by Otunba Kunle Kalejaye (SAN) held at the Florentina Events Centre, Basorun.
He declared that it was unfortunate that with many churches and mosques in Nigeria, troubles still steer Nigerians in the face since “many people merely worship money in the worship centres” saying, “many Nigerians love to take short cuts, prefer darkness to light; and they are lovers of flesh rather than spirit”.
The clergyman pointed out that “all these accounted for why there are socio-political and cultural crises pervading ‎the land” adding that “every attempt to get to a place without employing the due process will surely lead to failure”.
“It is only a gold digger that does that. Many things have gone so wrong in our country because many people do not depend on God, but rather on mortal elements. Many people depend on President Buhari’s change and not on the kind of change demanded of us by Jesus Christ,”he said.
Reverend Dopamu added “I do get worried why we still have so many troubles in this nation when we have many churches and mosques all over our streets. This is because in many of the worship centres, what they do now is to worship money”.
“If we minister to people but fail to minister to ourselves, would our works not be in vain? I know that men of the judiciary are here. If the judiciary has degenerated to the extent that Judges now have dollars, pound sterlings, euros and all sorts of currency in their bedrooms, my question is: when have their rooms become commercial centres?
“What people should try to learn is that everything in this world is vanity. We brought nothing and we shall go with nothing. That was why Alexander the Great said that whenever he would die, very brilliant doctors should be allowed to carry his coffin to the burial ground; and that his hands must be allowed to dangle outside the coffin while being carried to the grave yard. To him, it was to show that as brilliant as the doctors were, they were unable to prevent him from dying. And with his hands dangling out of the coffin, it meant that whatever he could have had in life or have held to himself, he was going to be buried with nothing. This is why those amassing wealth blindly should check themselves”.
Speaking further, he said  Nigeria still has a bright future,saying,”fear not. Nigeria will be a better place tomorrow. The King that turned scarcity to plenty in Samaria will do it in Nigeria. Joy unspeakable will be our portion in Jesus’ name”.
“Our nation is in troubles because many have fallen to the antics of the devil. The strategy of the enemy is to always deceive people, and lie to them. Nigerians, especially our leaders, should avoid short cut, lest they be cut short”,
In his remark,Otunba
Kalejaye said 2016 “is a very horrible year, quoting the Queen of England who said that 2016 is “Annus horribilis”. He said that many people have been turned to beggars because they do not have the means of livelihood”.
Otunba Kalejaye then urged Nigerians to look inward to re- position themselves constructively, while charging governments and politicians to put more priority on workable economic blueprints that could turn around the fortunes of the downtrodden people, and not just be engaging in selfish political manipulations.


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