Nigerians Demand Laws Against Same-sex Marriage




As the country is yet to grasp with the increasing craze by some Nigerians for same-sex relationships, some Nigerians are asking that a legislation be put in place to punish or prohibit the act. 

It’s a known fact that some states have placed  fourteen years jail sentence for the act, which is considered a violation of their fundamental rights by the United Nations. 

There have been instances of victimization of people suspected to be homosexuals who were beaten, their houses  razed down (burnt), and family witch-hunted, stigmatized 

Since the Obama administration in 2010 suggested that people be allowed freedom to choose partners and called global acceptance of gay rights, the Nigerian government has openly come out to place punishment for the act.

 It’s believed that some states in the country have passed laws prohibiting same-sex relationships with prison sentences of between 14 to 25 years, and according to investigations, of the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) punitive measures are in place to deal with those in the act. In the Northern parts of the country Sharia laws prohibiting same-sex relationships is in full gear. Last year arrests were made in Gombe state, when over 60 people were severely manhandled, beaten and jailed for 14 years after a Sharia court had sentenced them to stoning to death in to discourage such relationships. 

Last year in Delta State, some people were apprehended for holding gay weddings though yet to be ascertained whether they were taken to court or later released, the fact remains that in our societies, the act is seen as abnormal and the practice seriously unacceptable and people engaged in the act are at risk of losing their lives. This is an indication that the government and society are not in support of the act.

On the continent of Africa, of the 54 countries, 32 have placed death penalty as punishment for the act, with the rest placing prison years penalties or waiting to make legislation. 

Some states in the Northern parts of Nigeria where Sharia laws hold sway have come out to place stiff punitive structures in place and have also publicly condemned such relationships. 

Despite the fact that the Nigerian government’s legislation does not impose the death penalty for homosexuality, there have been people sentenced to death in Sharia courts in predominantly Muslim states in the country’s north.

Clerics and religious leaders have used their offices to explain that God himself destroyed cities in time past to demonstrate his hatred for the act. 

Developed countries like the United States of America, Great Britain and France have laws that allows same-sex marriages and transgender procedures. 

It’s a known fact that Grammy Award winner and British singer, Sir. Elton John is a homosexual with a male partner, yet the British monarchs still awarded him with  knighthood. 

Civil rights groups and Amnesty International’s Nigeria office have come out to condemn arrests of Gays (homosexuals) and called for an immediate end to what they describe as witch-hunt, adding that people be given their rights to choices. 

It would be recalled that the organization’s Director in Nigeria, Isa Sanusi argued that the country should place more emphasis on fighting corruption and insecurity rather than infringing on the rights of its citizens.

According to him, “In a society where corruption is rampant, this [same-sex] law banning same sex relationships is increasingly being used for harassment, extortion and blackmail of people. 

Recently Uganda passed one of the strictest anti-homosexuality laws on the planet, and this has led to homosexuals fleeing the country into neighbouring countries where there’s no legislation in place. 

In Lagos Nigeria, two men were severely manhandled for claiming to be lovers but for the help of the law enforcement agents.

Nigerians spoken to have continually expressed their displeasure on the issue of homosexuality and transgender procedures. 

In Uganda, a transgender had to run to neighbouring Nairobi, Kenya for fear of being lynched to death by his people.

In June 2022, three men arrested in the state of Bauchi were ordered by a Sharia court stoned to death for engaging in homosexuality. 

Sharia court sentences must be approved by a state governor, and it’s unclear if the sentence was carried out, but it was learnt that the sentence was commuted to 14 years in prison for the considered offenders.

This is a clear indication that the practice is forbidden in our societies and country.

Rev. Kingsley Edemoir of Catalyst Church Kaduna, believes that what is forbidden by God shouldn’t be encouraged by Man, for him countries making laws allowing the practice or transgender procedures are inviting the wrath of God.

“The Almighty God that we serve destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality why should the so called developed countries allow and encourage the act.”

Though the Constitution of the country guarantees freedom from discrimination, homosexuality is criminalized in laws that are broadly supported by the public.

There have been instances where the state Governments placed 14 years jail sentences for the act.


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