Lawmaker denies diverting Fertilizer


By; SANI ALIYU, Zaria.
Member  representing  Zaria  City  Constituency  in Kaduna State  House  of Assembly  and  Chairman  House  Committee  on  Agriculture and  forestry, Hon Iliyasu Kasimu (Iliyasawa)   has   debunck  the rummour  of his involvement in diverting the Fertilizer  belonging  to Zaria  Local  Government.
Iliyasawa was  spoke to journalists  on the  alleged  fertilizer  diversion which   he  claimed he knew nothing  about the supply of and that Kaduna  State  government  gave the contract  to  some  companies  to  supply the  commodities  not individual  as  claimed  by  some  people.
According to  him,  there  is  a  committee  for the  sale  of  fertilizer  which  comprises  State,  Local  Government,  Companies  and  Political  Parties  representatives  whom  at the  end  will  give  their  reports  on  all the  transaction  made  to their  various  offices.
On the  off-taker  issues, the  Lawmaker said he  is  not  an off- taker  either  as  a  Company  nor  as an  individual .
Iliyasawa  advised  farmers  to  ensure they meet  all the  requirement  needed  for  obtaining  the  Loan  from the bank of  agriculture .
He  said even though  time  is  almost  against  the  farmers, they  can  still make  it  and  produced  the  grains  needed   as  planned by the  government .


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