Lab Scientist Stresses Importance Of Tests Before Treating Ailments

A Medical Laboratory Scientist, Jolayemi Bashir has stressed the importance of laboratory tests before undergoing any medical treatment, adding that it plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease in patients.
Bashir, who is a laboratory scientist with the National Ear Care Centre, Kaduna gave the counsel on Monday in Kaduna.
According to him, 70 per cent of ailments are seen or detected through laboratory tests.
“Laboratory test help determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.
“Laboratory is a place where investigation about a patient is carried out. The laboratory helps you to screen out a direct point on where to attack.
“Laboratory tests are medical devices that are intended for use on samples of blood, urine, or other tissues or substances taken from the body to help diagnose disease or other conditions.’’
According to Bashir, laboratory is the engine room of where sickness is being treated. If the laboratory fails then the medical field will also failed.
Bashir explained that healthcare providers depended on accurate and precise laboratory results in order to do their jobs well and give patients the best possible care.
“Often, laboratory results are the decision point in a patient’s treatment. It is no surprise that laboratories everywhere are committed to constant improvement.
“With the laboratory test, the doctor will know what treatment to give and the pharmacist the drugs to give.
“Before a patient is discharged from the hospital, a test must be conducted and other outlets like the ultrasound and X-ray will be involved.
According to him, quality control is one of the most important impacts on laboratory testing as it ensures both precision and accuracy of patient sample results.
“When quality control works effectively, it is able to find and correct flaws in the analytical processes of a laboratory before potentially incorrect patient results are released.
Bashir advised government to strengthen the laboratory as it would help the government to generate the number of people having different ailments so as to help them plan their activities.


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