‘Invisible Borders’ tour team visit PAN Kaduna


By; Jacob Onjewu Dickson, Kaduna.

The seven-man Borders Within, a group of Trans-border photographers and writers known as Invisible Borders made a thank you stopover visit in Kaduna over the weekend, where they met and interacted with the management of PAN Nigeria limited, makers of Peugeot brand of cars.
Team Leader, Emeka Okeke told the management of PAN Nigeria Ltd that their trip was successful so far, as they have been able to tour 13 cities in the country.
Emeka was at first apprehensive of the trip due to unforeseen contingencies they encountered over the years but this year, with the Expert Teepee Van provided by PAN, they had an exciting and stress free trip driving from Yola to Maiduguri and Kano smoothly, the fright and scare they had previously between Asaba and Enugu, Aba to Port Harcourt due to the terrible roads that gave them “the creeps” was a walkover by the Expert Teepee performance.
They were able to cruise in the Expert Teepee Van through these states and enjoy the views and scenery.”This year we are only touring 14 states, we hope to tour more states next year and we are optimistic that PAN will still support us” he added.
The Managing Director/CEO of PAN, Ibrahim Boyi said that he was pleased that the team stopped over to interact with the management.
He explained that the company was always willing to support any gesture that would unite Nigerians by promoting the cultural diversity, adding that several younger Nigerians would be motivated by the efforts the Within The Trans-Nigerian Roadtrip is making at promoting the country’s culture and tourism potentials.
Boyi said that because of PAN’s experience and leadership role in the Automobile Industry in Nigeria, the company always leaves its doors open to any group that is out to foster unity.
Speaking further, he said he was not expecting to hear any negative tale on the Expert Teepee provided for the trip, because it is a vehicle that is built to withstand pressures from bad roads and difficult terrains.
The team which will be ending their trip in Lagos on June 26 will be covering a total of 4,220.8 kilometres in 46 days.
At the end, they are expected to produce photographs, articles and documentaries that will further unite Nigeria.


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