Gully Erosion: Narayi Residents Send SOS To Kaduna Govt


By; ; YOHANNA JAMES., Kaduna

As a gully eeosion created by persistent rainfall gets steeper, causing hardship and disrupting socio-economic activities in and around Narayi – Bayan Dutse, a suburb in Chikun Local Government Area, residents affected have called for quick intervention from Governor Nasir el-Rufai .

A cross section of home owners whose houses are on the verge of falling into the trenches created by the erosion, expressed worries and anxiety to our correspondent, describing their ordeals as unending nightmares which require urgent fixing before deteriorating beyond redemption.

According to Ishaya Audu, a landlord, he is fast losing a substantial part of his house to the gully which he noted had sent his tenants away, making it difficult to have new ones due to fear of the building falling into the trench unexpectedly.

” It is a terrible and horrible situation having to live with a constant fear and apprehension of any moment , your house might fall off into a trench .

” We can’t sleep with our two eyes closed anymore because the fear is palpable which has given us countless nights of insomnia.

” We appeal to our listening governor to add us in the various projects he is presently undertaking before our houses are completely taken over by erosion caused by running water during and after downpour.

” The situation is worse during wet season with constant rain not finding an effective drainage system to flow into , ” Audu explained .

A resident who simply identified herself as Mama Gabriel stated that former councillor of the ward under whose jurisdiction Narayi , Bayan Dutse falls into promised to mobilize supports by ensuring necessary steps were taken to stem the tides of the erosion before it got worse .

” She however failed to keep her words until her tenure of stewardship elapsed , ” the septuagenarian lamented .

A petty trader , popularly called mama Angela by her customers said her shop was completely cut off by the gully , isolating her from potential buyers of her wares .

She decried poor patronage since the trench became wider , making it difficult for people to cross over from the other end of the divide made by gully to buy from her .

” All we need from government is to save us from this misery we have been forced to live with for many years now .

” If we had alternatives we would have relocated long ago but unfortunately we have nowhere to go , ” she revealed.


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