Governor Yakowa, please come to our aid in Sabo GRA


It is with complete humility and a heavy heart that residents of the Sabon Tasha GRA in Kaduna metropolis appeal to you sir to visit our area and see for yourself the hardship we are facing.
Sir we visit other areas and see how the GRA’s look like but ours is like an eyesore because there is nothing there to even show that it is a GRA as the name implies.
When my dad bought a plot of land in the area we were happy that we would soon be residents of a GRA knowing that such areas don’t lack government presence in terms of infrastructure and basic amenities.
I was however disappointed that after four years of residing there, nothing has been done beside the well planned layout and the naming of streets after prominent citizens of the state.
The roads are in deplorable conditions that are far from being motorable, resulting to costly repairs at the mechanics weekly or forthnightly.
It is saddening that while other GRAs have good asphalt roads, portable water, steady electricity supply and government presence in terms of security, Sabo GRA cannot boast of any of this.
What is more troubling is the fact that we cannot even say which we prefer; rainy or dry season, because with all the seasons, we face peculiar challenges while driving, biking or trekking on our GRA roads.
When we saw some reports from a journalist on New Nigerian on our roads, we were happy that at last people are beginning to speak for us but we are still wondering why nothing has been done.
Another thing that surprised us was that when several roads were approved recently, we thought we would benefit from at least three major roads in our area but were yet shocked when we were not even mentioned.
Sir, we believe you are a governor for everybody so we are begging that you carry us along just as we have been supporting your administration by doing something for us.
This is because our people are beginning to see PDP as not favourable and an example was at the last election where ACN emerged councilor of Sabo Ward.
We believe in your administration but would love to also get the dividends of democracy.
Thank you Sir, may God bless your administration and also bless you to bless us.
Samson Maigari, Sir Patrick Yakowa Road, Sabo GRA, Kaduna


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