Yakowa: A leader to watch



A famous motivational speaker, Andrew Carnegie once said several years ago that “The men who have succeeded are men who have chosen one line and stuck to it”. In other words and succinctly put, consistency is a key to success no doubt; Kaduna State under Governor Sir, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa has been unswerving in the provision of amenities that touches the lives of ordinary people of the start have been carrying along in the provision of infrastructures in the entire three Senatorial Districts across the State.
This year, many projects have been flagged off and since Governor Yakowa assumed office almost two years ago, it has been one development project or another which those in opposition have even applauded. Recently the stare government awarded over one billion naira roads projects in all nooks and cramies of the State and works have commenced on the various sites which Governor Yakowa paid surprise visits to to see the level of jobs
There is also the proposal effort and commitment of the govarnor to make sure that the people of the state live. in peace and are brother’s keeper without any bias. Apart from the huge amount of resources part into security, it is also doing everything possible to educate the people on peaceful co-existence in order to attract investors.
Moreover, the government is also developing agriculture through the provision of agricultural inputs so that the state can boast of food security enhanced household income and job creation.
Governor Yakowa belongs to the group of leaders that firmly believes that one can earn greatness and reputation in the course of his daily life and engagement.
This is the philosophy that helps him excel and succeeds in all aspect of life having followed the fundamental. principles of good management and leadership qualities whenever he is entrusted with any responsible engagement.
Governor Yakowa is one of such great personalities who have served the nation olilisently before he becomes a state governor. With a passion for equal treatment to people of all class irrespective of tribe or religion, Governor Yakowa will go into records as a man of peace who loves all humanity.
Someone who has earned integrity, credibility and success through an articulated vision, dint of hard work and dedication. He is the symbol of total embodiment and commitment to excellence in the act of public administration and management hence his records in all public offices he was opportuned to serve still stands tall.
A graduate of Political Science from the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Yakowa started his career from the grassroots having been a Divisional Officer (DO), a Permanent Secretary, SSG and Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and two term former Deputy Governors who has seen it all and now putting his experience in the running of the affairs of the state.
To those who worked closer to him Governor Yakowa has been described as a listening leader and one that delegate power to ordinates workaholic and great achieve Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa would be remembered for a very long period as a leader who touches the lives of his people positively.
Starting from Education the Kaduna State Government make sure that all indigene students are taken care of and their allowances paid as when due. Not long ago, the government paid million of naira for final year’s secretary school students all over the state.
On health the state has almost complete a modern teaching hospital which completion has reached a glanced stage. The new millennium village with houses for low income workers is also in process. The government also put priority on issue of agriculture by’ providing enough fertilizer and other agricultural seeds to boost food prevention.
Many of the achieved of Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa are the to flee for anyone who may want to know.
Other development areas that are given priority roads which has carry across the state.
Most importantly the state governments have spent millions of naira for fertility across the entire states and this is yielding results and flagging off three-one (31) roads construction across the state recently.
In order to sustain the flump of development in the state it has becomes necessary for all of us to support the government of Sir, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa so that we can all benefit from the dividends of democracy.
It is also important for all of us to live in peace with one and another in order to move Kaduna State forward.

IBRAHIM is North-West Coordinator, PDP National Youth Vanguard.


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