Gov. Bello Fires Warning Salvos To Water Works Management ‘Fix It Or Be Fired’



Gov Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State.

For almost two years running, most parts of Minna metropolis and environs
have been without public water supply but the state Governor, Abubakar Sani
Bello Tuesday gave the management of the state’s Water board to restore
water supply to homes or risk being booted out.
Earlier this year and prelude to his visit to the state’s Water Board, the
state government had procured four giant submersible electric motors from
Germany and hired a contractor to rectify the protracted problem at the
state Water Works but the contractor handling the project appeared
hamstrung as the problem lingeres without abatement.
Before now and for long, mobile water vendors in water tanks had cashed in
on the sad water supply situation especially in the state capital to ferry
untreated water from the reservoirs at the Water Works to homes including
factories who are into producing satchet and table water notwithstanding
the health risk associated with such unhygienic channels of water.
Hues and cries over the collapse of the state’s Water Works have for over
two years gone seemingly unaddressed as the state government appeared
unperturbed or clueless about what to do to arrest the hydra headed
problems at the state Water Works.
But piqued by the hues and cries, the state Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello
Tuesday ordered the management of the state Water Board and the contractor
handling the repairs of Chanchaga Water Works to fix the problem promptly
or get fired.
He gave the order during his inspection visit to the Chanchaga Water Works.
After inspecting the four electric motors imported from Germany to boost
water supply to Minna, the state capital, the Governor expressed dismay
over why the problem had lingered unabated without tangible explanations
from the management of the Water Works.
Governor Bello directed the management of the state Water Board and the
contractor handling the project to step up their work by doubling their
“You must all work round the clock and ensure that the taps are running
with water without further delay” he said.
He warned that his administration was running out of patience as the water
scarcity was becoming unbearable especially in the state capital.
“We have no time to waste. We must fix this water plant promptly and i am
not ready to take any further excuse from anybody any longer. He said any
further delay or footdragging in fixing the problem would attract his wrath
just as he warned the management against dereliction of duties, sabortage
and corruption.
The Governor was very emphatic as he stressed further that “potable watere
supply was critical service that cannot be towed with. We must therefore
ensure regular and adequate water supply in the state.”
He said with the delivery of the four heavy duty electric motors and the
refurbished high and low lift pumps, the management and staff at the
Chanchaga Water Works as well as the contractor must work 24 hours daily
and seven days a week to restore water supply to Minna and environs.
He told the management of the water treatment facility to sit up or get
fired. “I am taking this water issue personal and i will be coming here
unannounced to inspect progress made even during odd hours.
He said any employee of the state government who is not ready to key into
his administration’s ideals for service delivery should throw in the towel.
He assured citizens across the state that his administration was committed
to ensuring that all the water works in parts of the state were functional
and meeting the needs of the people.
“From here we are moving to Bida, Kontagora and Suleja very soon. We would
are expedite work on this Minna water works to enable us move to other
urban areas.”
Earlier, the contractor handling the project, Mr. Outare Kokobissi had
assured the Governor that with the arrival of the electric motors and the
refurbished pumps, water treatment and supply from the Chanchaga Water
Works would be stepped up to end the perennial water supply problem in the
state capital.


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