Good Governance And The Role Of Women



Unreal promotion of values such as “human rights”, “democracy”, “freedom”, “people, for the people”, “independence”, “development”, “women’s rights”, “children’s rights” and … in the framework of the globalization process It is just a trick that unfortunately, some Western and powerful countries use today against independent countries and countries that have different ideas from them.

Creating terrorist groups, ethnic-religious incitement and inducing internal dissatisfaction are among the measures that these countries use continuously.  

The Islamic Republic of Iran was among these countries during the 44 years after its glorious Islamic revolution. Relying on the inexhaustible power of God and relying on its brave and capable people, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to solve these problems one after the other and bring the path of development and prosperity to its people.

Undoubtedly, human power is one of the main sources of sustainable development in which people’s culture, knowledge, skills and creativity play a significant role. Besides forming half of this source of development, women have always been the nurturers and guides of both halves of human society and have played a great role in the formation of the foundation of the human dimensions of development. 

Right after the Iranian Islamic Revolution, Iranian women regained their original identity and human rights and got out of the state of objects and tools in the service of consumerism, and while fulfilling the important duty of motherhood and preserving their human dignity, they went through various fields of scientific growth and progress to play influential social roles in Iranian society.

Creating equal educational opportunities between men and women, promoting women’s higher education at all levels, adopting appropriate measures for the education of female students in the universities of their hometowns, comprehensive and strategic planning with regard to the training of female specialists, providing fair opportunities with emphasis based on the principle of commitment and expertise in using the capabilities of women experts in the management system as faculty members in universities, the creation of higher and university centers for women is one of these measures. As a result of these basic actions and orientations, the position of Iranian women is briefly described below from the point of view figures and statistics.

Science and education of women in Iran

Establishment of three universities for women named Shariati University of Tehran, Al-Zahra University of Tehran and Masoumeh University of Qom

Increasing the share of female students in Iran’s public universities to 56%

Increase of female faculty members to more than 33.3%

Increasing the participation of women as faculty members to 34%

Increasing the participation of women with the title of specialist doctor to 40%.

Overcoming the illiteracy of women and girls with 99.3 percent literacy

Training more than 9500 people under the title of writer and 840 people under the title of female publisher

Media activities of women in Iran

The presence of 45 female directors and actresses as members of international film festivals

Increasing the participation of women in information technology to more than 31.5 percent

Activity of 903 female filmmakers in the Iranian cinema industry

Winning 114 national awards and 128 international awards by women in world film festivals

Health and welfare of women in Iran

Universal health insurance coverage for women for all city dwellers and 99 percent of villagers and nomads

Performing 95% of women’s childbirth operations by female specialists in Iran

Having 60 midwives and 3 female specialists for every 100,000 women in Iran

Increasing the life expectancy of women to 78 years for women

Reducing the infant mortality rate to 8 per 100,000 births

Iran ranks 10th with the lowest cervical cancer mortality rate in the world

Reducing the unemployment rate of women to 13.7%

Full coverage of social security insurance for housewives

Social security insurance coverage for female heads of household

Social security insurance coverage for all rural and nomadic women and girls

Majid Kamrani is the Cultural consular of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Nigeria


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