Don’t be politically biased in fighting corruption, Accountant tasks Tinubu



A member of the Anti-corruption Team Committee of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Mr. Ishola Moses Abiodun has tasked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu not be politically biased in dealing with corruption cases in the country.

He made the disclosure during an interview with Newsmen at the 28th Annual National Conference of Association of National Accountant of Nigeria (ANAN) held in Abuja yesterday.

Mr. Abiodun who was also the Chairman of ANAN Kwara state chapter said ” I can see that the crop of personalities and technocrats that President Tinubu is working with now i am confident he will not disappoint Nigerians.

” The President should not be politically biased about this issue of fighting corruption because just like the former president said if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us. Therefore, he needs to eradicate corruption totally in the corridor of the government.

The Expert also applauded President Tinubu for the removal of the fuel subsidy in the country arguing that he has blocked the cabals who are siphoning the country funds through fuel subsidy.

He said ” though the with the removal of fuel subsidy there is hardship on Nigerians but It will be better in the nearest future. My grouses with the subsidy removal is that the government should have subsidizes education, health, Power supply, foods and Transport for the masses before the removal.

” Our people are dying of hunger and it’s not easy in the country today talking about the hike in transportation, even if you’re earning good salary today the minimum wage cannot satisfy the basic needs of a family.

Speaking on the theme of the Programme: ‘The Accountancy Profession and the Changing Dynamics of the Ecosystem’ Mr. Abiodun summoned that as Professional body we need to play crucial roles to be transparent in rendering services.

He said ” as Accountants if we’re upright in our offices almost half of the problems in the country will be solved because no money can come out in public offices without the Accountants approving it.

” We’re preaching integrity, sincerity to our members by not assisting politicians to siphon funds in the government.”

The Former ANAN Chairman admonised Nigerians to shun ethnicity and religious divides, discrimination of Region among other vices but see ourselves as one Nationality pursuing the same interest to achieve peace and unity for the growth of the country.


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