Congo plane crash kills at least three in Brazzaville


A cargo plane has crashed in the Republic of Congo’s capital, Brazzaville, killing at least three.
However, there are some unconfirmed reports more than 30 may have died.
The Russian-made Ilyushin 76 plane, coming from Pointe-Noire, was trying to land. The crew are all thought to have died, but the plane may have hit houses, killing more on the ground.
Like many African countries, the Republic of Congo has a poor aviation safety record.
The crash is reported to have happened during bad weather, hampering rescue efforts.
The plane was carrying cargo, but may also have been carrying people other than the crew.
One Red Cross official told Reuters that more than 30 people had died and that there could be more victims.
In March 2011, a cargo plane crashed in the economic capital, Pointe-Noire, killing at least 16 people.


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