Cleric urges FG to resolve crisis with legislature or kill the nation


By, Vitalis Ugoh, Calabar.
The current political crisis between the Executive and legislature will continue to constitute a threat to Nigeria’s economic development unless it is quickly resolved, Bishop Emma Isong of the Faith Mansion World Centre, City of Testimonies, in Calabar has said.
Isong further added that the current discrepancy between the executive and the legislature has added to the current misfortunes of this nation in the past eight months.
He said that it will remain a mirage and the entire nation would suffer the consequences as we are currently experiencing today.
He declared that “if the budget of a nation fails, the nation has failed. People should not be playing politics with the lives and future of Nigerians.”
The APC government, he added, did not believe it will win the elections. The party was not ready to take over power. It merely concerned itself with the person contesting the election.
According to him, “except something is done immediately to resolve the current impasse, Nigerians will continue to experience more hardship. One full year is almost gone and the economy is bad. No money in circulation and the Naira is devalued as it were.”
He regretted that instead of politicians settling down for business, they are busy decamping while their decamping fetch Nigerians nothing. He said that politics should end as soon as elections are over and give room for governance.
Isong said that criticism, blackmail, mischief and name calling are ingredients of politics and should not be seen as an healthy development.
He said that democracy is attractive and beautiful if both parties play it the actual way and manner it should be played.
Isong called on President Buhari whom he described as a listening President to wade into the matter because, the more it lingers, the darker the future of the nation becomes.
He regretted that there is no internal democracy in Nigeria, adding that “Nigerian political parties could be scored zero.


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