Clearing structures under High Tension is to prevent looming disaster – KDSG


 The Kaduna State Government has explained that the decision to clear illegal structures erected under ‘High Tension National Grid Lines’ in Barkallahu community in Igabi Local Government Area of the state, is to prevent a looming disaster.
In a statement signed by the governors Special Assistance on media and publicity Samuel Aruwan, Kaduna State Government clarified some misrepresentations going round in the media on the directives given to the residents of Barakallahu living under High Tension National Grid Lines.
It added that the intention of the government is to first protect the lives of its people and ensure that all laws regarding acquisition and development of residential or commercial buildings in the state are adhered to.
The statement further stated that it had observed with dismay that some residents of the Barakallahu area in Rigachikun, Igabi Local Government, have illegally built houses under high tension national grid lines, thereby exposing their lives to danger and harm. This action the government stated, contravenes Section 29 of the Kaduna State Urban Development Agency (KASUPDA) Law No. 12 of 2015.
In the statement it was revealed that the Kaduna State Executive Council in its 24th meeting held on Monday 18 July, 2016, directed KASUPDA, to “issue eviction notices to those who had built structures within 30 metre radius from the high tension national grid line in view of the looming danger”.
Members of the general public will recall that a similar case on the 16th January, 1999 led to disaster when a surge of electric current within two minutes led to the death of 13 people instantly


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