Brevity Anderson: A First Class Event Organizer



Organizing an event, especially in Nigeria amidst the current economic and security challenges takes tenacity, clear vision, driven optimism, belief and unwavering hope. 

All these Brevity Anderson, one of the foremost consultancy and event organizers in Africa has always displayed in any of their events. 

What actually set the company apart as they rightly stated about them, ‘’ It is not what we do, but how we do it.’’ And as a leading event production company with commitment to excellence and innovation over the years, the company has no doubt, delivered some of the best packaged events in Nigeria and the African continent. 

Top among these events was the recently successful 7th edition of the Nigeria International Energy Summit (NIES24) held in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city with an imperative theme, ‘’ ‘’Navigating the New Energy World Order: Security, Transition and Finance.’’

According to Dr. James Shindi, the event director and the Chief Executive of Brevity Anderson in his   note, “the theme encapsulates the multifaceted challenges and opportunities facing the global energy sector in the 21st century.

” As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, we must address the pressing issues of energy security, the imperative transition to sustainable sources, and the critical role of finance in driving innovation and accessibility. 

“This theme serves as guiding beacon for our discussions, prompting us to explore strategies that ensure a resilient, equitable, and prosperous energy future for all.’’ He said. 

And on this brave note, the 7th edition of NIES kicked off with various distinguished voices and professionals in the oil and gas sector delivering some of the best keynotes addressees at the well-attended event. Some of the keynote speakers drawn from   various segments of the oil sector lit up the summit with their professional presentations throughout the event. 

The summit brought together experts, policymakers,  companies, financiers and reputable industry leaders in the oil and gas sector across the globe.  

At the end of the summit, participants after engaging in various panel keynotes addresses, panel  discussions , workshops and networking sessions succeeded in addressing the challenges facing the new energy world order and forged strategic partnership towards accelerating a more resilient and inclusive energy ecosystem that would benefit the global  energy sector in terms of energy security, renewable energy deployment, financing mechanisms, regulatory  framework   and energy transition and more.

One exceptional feature of the summit was the well-coordinated media representation.  The excellent coordination of   Frank Uzuegbunam the head of media at f Brevity is quite commendable. The Brevity team no doubt knew the value of the media and its important role in such a transnational summit.

The company proved its reputation as a first class event organizer through its cordial liaison with the various media organizations and reporters that covered the event.

Brevity Anderson has stamped its reputation boldly as a foremost company in the oil sector with a profile that stands out as a reputable organization in oil and energy trade advisory and raising capital for energy projects, including its status as an internationally recognized event production company and first class event organizer.

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