Bauchi Govt Demolishes Citizen’s Property Without Court Order Because Of Party Differences, Reps Aide Alleges



Mr. Ukkasha Rahama, the Secretary to Hon. Yakubu Abdullahi, member, representing Bauchi Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives has insisted that the state government demolished his principal’s building in the middle of the night and without any court order.

Rahama, who stated this in a news conference with journalists in Bauchi on Wednesday, further stated that the state government was aware that his principal had instituted a legal action against it, the Attorney General of the state, Ministry of Land and Survey as well as Bauchi State Urban and Development Board.

It could be recalled that the state government had on October 1, 2021
demolished the building of Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi.

The state government explained that the building belongs to it but was illegally sold out by an official of the immediate past administration.

The government, through a team of officials led by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the Governor of Bauchi State, Mukhtar Gidado, explained that the building was part of the nine houses dedicated as ‘legacy assets’ having been there right from the creation of the state in 1976.

The government further said that the nine houses have over the years been used as official residences of Commissioners and other top Government functionaries including security chiefs posted to the state and therefore could not have been sold on owner-occupier basis as claimed by the Federal lawmaker.

While reacting to the government’s stand, Rahama said “For record and clarity, Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi owned the property through purchase from the original owner. A Deed of Assignment was prepared between him and the original owner. The Deed of Assignment was duly registered after the State Government approved the consent to assign the property to him.

“The Honourable paid all the necessary fees to the State Government for registration of his title in the land registry Bauchi in 2018 after obtaining the consent of the Bauchi State Government. He acquired title to the property in 2018 before the birth of the current administration of Governor Bala Mohammed.

“Before commencing building on the land he lawfully acquired, he submitted a building proposal to the State Urban and Development Board for approval. The building proposal and plan was approved by the Board in 2018 and the amended building proposal was approved on the 22nd October, 2020 and he paid all the necessary fees.

“After obtaining building approval from the Board to erect structures on his plot of land he lawfully acquired and the structures have gone far, the saddest thing that will ever happen to a Nigerian citizen was what befall Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, member representing Bauchi Federal Constituency at the National Assembly because of political party differences.

“The State Government, after collecting a huge sum of money from him for registration of title documents with the land registry and hugely paid for obtaining building approval from the State Government as well as spending millions of naira in raising the structure, the Bauchi State Government has done what can be termed as robbery,” he said.

Rahama further stated that the building construction on property covered by Certificate of Occupancy No. BA/39705 was not an illegal construction, adding that the state government granted approval to his principal to erect the structures.

He also said that in line with the State Government approval, his principal commenced construction on his plot of land at No. 7 Buba Yero Road, old GRA, Bauchi.

“Having collected huge money from him, the State Government is now raising issues on the property just because of political differences with him.

“Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi came into the property lawfully after following due
procedure for acquisition of the landed property and at no time his title was challenged by the Bauchi State Government before a Court of law.

“It is unfortunate that the Government that ought to protect the life and properties of its citizens as guaranteed in our law, is the one using its hands to grievously injure the citizens and demolish the property.

“The causing of grievous injury to the security guards of the property without any provocation in a desperate attempt to illegally demolish the property of Hon. Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi further confirmed that the Bauchi state government does not value the Sanctity of human lives created by Almighty Allah”. He stated.


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