Synergy Between Kaduna Media, CSOs Advocated At PERL Engagement On Girl-child Education



A synergy between the media and civil society organisations (CSOs) has been suggested.
The suggestion was made by participants at a 2-day Media Strategic Session On Deepening Conversation Barriers To Girl Education  in Zaria on Tuesday.
During the session titled,  “The Role Of Media in Education Reform”  anchored by Joshua James, discussions focused on the need to set agenda for public discourse by the media.
It was also harped that there is need for media personalities to engage in advocacy to provoke action on education reform.
Journalists during the discussion, were also urged to be passionate about reporting issues bordering on education reforms.
Similarly, the need for synergy between civil society groups and the media was also listed as a good step in prompting action  to bring about reforms in the education sector.
Opinion leaders drawn from traditional and religious leaders were also suggested by participants as a way of influencing political class into deliberate reforms of the education sector.
On what to do to sustain the engagement to provoke reforms, participants suggested using data analysis in engaging policy makers.
“Evidenced based reports will yield results because they are facts and.such reports would be more impactful.
“With facts and figures, the Commissioner of Education can be confronted.”
“It is also.important to get pictorial evidence where available of structures needing Intervention,” a participant suggested.
They also emphasized the need for media to engage in social responsibility to highlight challenges education is facing.
The Media Strategic Session On Deepening Conversation Barriers To Girl Education continues  in Zaria on Wednesday.


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