Army-Shi’ite Clash: parties to make submission Wednesday …Shi’ite finally gain access to El-ZakzakY


By; Juliana Katung, Kaduna.
The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Army/Shi’ite clash in Zaria is set to commence hearing on Wednesday, after counsel to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) is said to have gained
access to the leader of the group, Sheik Ibraheem Yakub El-zakzaky.
The Chairman of the Commission, Justice Mohammadu Lawal Garba said the sitting has to be adjourned because there were strong indications that counsel to the IMN will be granted access to the leader, Ibraheem Elzakzaky, Monday.
Gaining access to the leader has stood as a barrier to the
commencement of hearings five weeks after the commission was
IMN demanded to see their leader before submitting any
memoranda which has led to four adjournments of the Commission sitting thus far.
According to the Chairman, the short adjournment to wednesday 23rd of March, is to enable the group have access to their leader so that they can make their submission.
The chairman expressed dissatisfaction over the IMN failure to notify the commission of not appearing or sending a formal excuse for their absence.


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