2023: PDP Will Get It Right, Win Presidential Election – Gov Makinde


*says Saraki is a presidential material

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Governor Seyi Makinde has declared that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will win the 2023 Presidency and salvage Nigeria from the throes of economic woes and insecurity.
Receiving a PDP Presidential aspirant, Senator Bukola Saraki into his office in Ibadan on Tuesday, the governor said the party would get its act right this time around .
The governor stated that Nigeria as a country has had a lot of issues under the All Progressives Congress (APC) government and that it was time Nigerians rejected the party as there is need for decency in government.
Governor Makinde stressed that  the PDP Convention is an avenue for the party to take a serious decision for itself and the country and that he was confident that the party would get it right.
 “I want to welcome you again to Ibadan. I am glad for one thing – if we take you anywhere in the world, you are presidential material. You have a clear understanding of the issues of government. Some believe that in PDP, the least of our aspirants is better than the best APC wants to offer”, he said.
Governor Makinde added, ” in the next 10 days, we have to take a very serious decision for our party and the country as well. I don’t have any doubt that we will get it right this time around.They say 24 hours is a long time in politics. So, we have to keep striving, pulling everybody together such that we are able to narrow the field and go to the presidential convention as a united family.”
The governor described Senator Saraki “as a good presidential material that has a clear understanding of the issues of government, and that the least of the PDP presidential aspirants is better than the best APC has to offer.’
Speaking further, Governor Makinde berated the APC-controled National Assembly for making laws that make the electoral process unstable, adding, he hoped that President Muhammadu Buhari would assent to the latest amendment to ensure that statutory delegates vote in party primaries, before the commencement of the House of Assembly primaries.
“You mentioned that I am a super-delegate to the convention but that may not be with the situation that the APC National Assembly has put us into. They have modified the Electoral Act, sent it to the president and I am not aware that the President has assented to that. And if it is not assented to, even the president himself, all the governors and all those claiming they are statutory delegates will not be able to vote.
“That is the implication of what they have done. We may have a situation whereby the presidential candidate will be determined by only the elected national delegates; only 774 throughout this country.”
The governor stressed, ” we also have the issue of section 84(12). They got a judgment in Abia, which has been set aside, and the Attorney General of the Federation has, again, gone to the Supreme Court for an interpretation. Is it a conflict between the Federal Government and the states?
“So, we have a lot of issues with this APC contraption and Nigerians had better look and say ‘no more.’ We need decency in government. Most of these things are pretty straightforward but why are they giving the entire country a runaround? Why are they deliberately making the electoral process unstable?”


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