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The vice-chancellor, University of Ilorin, Professor Abdulganiyu Ambali, has identified Religion, Politics and Economy as tripod  critical areas of challenge, which Nigeria must address to extricate itself from the problems of under- development.
Ambali who stated this at  the first  lecture series  of  Centre for Ilorin Studies (CILS) held  in Ilorin on Wednesday, also noted that  religion, which is the belief and practices that people succumb to because of hope or fear or both, is being exploited to perpetrate evil.
He  lamented that politics, which is the allocation of what to who and when, is being used and abused to institutionalise corruption, adding that economy, which is the production and management of resources, is being ruined to advance selfish interests.
Professor Ambali, who also said that for Nigeria to achieve a sustainable developmental, the people must take roots, cultures and languages seriously, adding that imitating others would not lead us to the Promised Land.
The VC, who said  that Ilorin has made significant development in both traditional Islamic educational frontiers and the contemporary Western knowledge, added that the “city of scholars” was not losing sight of its roots.
Speaking on the topic of the lecture, “Religion, Politics and Economy in 19th Century Ilorin: Some Reflections”, Professor Ambali said that relationship among religion, politics and economy is symbiotic.
“If religion, which itself is predicated on sound knowledge and deep scholarship, is practised well, politics would be progressive and people-oriented and where there is progressive politics by people who live according to religious ethics and ethos, the economy would thrive. If the 19th century Ilorin was glorious, it was as a result of the harmony of religion, politics and economy. It is my hope that the 21st century Ilorin and Nigeria at large can be more glorious with greater giant leaps in various sectors if we practise our religion sincerely and truly, play our politics fairly and grow our economy seriously”, he said.


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