Stakeholders Urge Govt, Security Agents To Adopt  Traditional System  In Reintegration Process Of Deradicalized Insurgents


By; SADIQ ABUBAKAR, Maiduguri 

Stakeholders   have suggested for the  return and  adoption of old  traditional system,  pattern and protocol of administration  of the  society to be used in  ongoing process, coordinating,  managing and controlling the  reintegration of deradicalized and rehabilitated  repentant Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State.

The stakeholders also called on government and security agencies to restrict and monitor the  unrestricted,  rampant and  reckless movements of the returnee repentant insurgents of moving in and out of the community anytime and anyhow into the Bush as some suspiciously return to the Bush  and later return to the community  while others still launch attacks on members of the  community who go to farm or bush to fetch firewood.

This was submission  of stakeholders  at a  one-day community dialogue   held at the  College of Nursing & Midwifery Maiduguri  Conference Hall on Tuesday, from Old Maiduguri area of Maiduguri city  for reconciliation,  reintegration and sustainable peace which is targeted at strengthening capacities  and will for implementation of transitional justice and reconciliation for Borno State.

The stakeholders  further urged the  government and security agents in charge of reintegration of the repentant insurgents, to liaise and collaborate with the community and religious leaders as well as ethnic groups, women and youth leaders as well as leaders of the repentant Boko Haram insurgents.

The participants urged people to  forgive, embrace and show  love to the repentant insurgents,  stressing that they are part of the society but offended the people a s society 

It is a must and necessary people to show affection,  care and love to the returnee repentant,  relate with and live peacefully with them.

They also suggested government to establish and consolidate on strategies and procedures of handling the reconciliation and reintegration of the repentant insurgents by the committee assembling them at the community leaders place for all members of the community to be aware and recognize those that have been pardoned and accepted to return back to the society.

The stakeholders  observed  also  stigmatizatio  as one of major problems and challenges  hence  stigmatization against the repentant insurgents  by the people in the society .and  on the side of the residents, they don’t  trust and have confidence  on their people and host community.

The other major issue on the both side of the community and repentant is the problem of trauma, especially,  psychosocial trauma and unemployment  among others, while the issue of empowerment and poverty alleviation support given to the repentant on their return to the community,  makes them behave and conduct themselves with arrogance and pride against the people in the community.

Others called on government and non governmental organisations  to also extend the same opportunities to the people in the community to balance the equation between the returnee  repentant and residents of the  community, who are so helpless and in poverty as well as enrolment of their children In schools. 

The participants were  further of the  opinion that it is not easy and simple to forgive and forget those who killed families and relations of the community, pointing out that, some of the repentant are unreliable and untruthful to the laid down agreements they they signed before the government and security agencies.

Some solicited for tolerance, endurance,, trust, unity, forgive, and  be  patient  to move forward in order to build peace, and  establish development  in the society on the side of the community members and leaders.


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