Southern Kaduna Attacks: Hold Govt Responsible – Bishop Kukah


Bishop of Sokoto Diocese of the Catholic Church, Matthew Hassan Kukah has called on the people of Kaduna State and Nigeria in general to hold government at all levels responsible for the killings in Southern part of Kaduna and other parts of the country.
The clergy said there is no need blaming one another for the incessant attacks because the responsibility to protect lives and property of the people lies squarely on the shoulder of the government and that when the government has failed in its responsibilities, then criminals will have their way.
According to him, “governments should be held squarely responsible because they are the one that have the monopoly of violence, because government buy guns on behalf of the citizens, that is why the police force is entitled to carry a gun and if the citizens buy or sells gun, you can be arrested or prosecuted.
“Governments have the legitimate monopoly of violence on behalf of the populace to protect us all, but if the government shows lack of capacity to protect us, that government has lost the reason why they were elected.”
The Bishop who said this at the weekend in Kafanchan, during the maiden Provincial Music Carnival organized by Kaduna Provincial Catholic Liturgical Music Council, noted that the people of Southern Kaduna have every reason to be angry over the killings of their people, but urged them not to resort to violence in trying to correct the wrongs done to them.
“What we need at this moment is a symbolic procession to show our anger by taking over every street in our communities in protest of all that are happening to us because we are really in a serious trouble.”
He challenged the Nigerian people to ask themselves about their lack of capacity and ability to show revolution, adding that “the issue of security challenges in Southern Kaduna and the Nation at large should be a collective effort.”
He regretted that, “of all the killings across the country, the government has not made any arrest and they keep coming out and kill people and get away with it, which suggest a particular level of sophistication, what is happening in Nigeria today is not different from what happened in Sudan like the Janjaweed.”
He added that, “the killings suggested that there is a lot of internal communication going on and how it is, we don’t know and that is the business of the security agencies. I think there is reason for Nigerians to be angry but we must also sit down and think, we are as ordinary people in our own little community what are we doing in term of information?
“It is not the issue of genocide or not, but the issue is that our people are being killed on a daily basis and we cannot run a country in which a government has become so obsolete and totally helpless. There are facilities you can put in place to monitor movements, which is why America can follow terrorists without leaving Washington and still track down enemies of America.”


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