SOKAPU Condemns Continued 24-Hour Curfew In 3 LGAs ln Southern Kaduna


By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU, has again in strong terms condemned the sustaiend 24-hour curfew imposed in Jema’a, Kaura and Zangon Kataf local governments areas of the State by governor Nasir El-Rufai.

According to a statement, SOKAPU reiterated that the 24-hour curfew was an ego-driven punitive action by the governor, hiding under the cloak of the State Security Council to punish the people of Southern Kaduna for daring to hold a demonstration over his suspicious handling of the continuous killings of their people.

It further stated that for a curfew that has been on for nine (9) days in Kaura and Zangon Kataf and 11 days in Jema’a LG, the financial toll on the people has become so acute that some are at the point of starvation.

The statement explained, “The three (3) LGAs under curfew, the banks, and other financial institutions are under lock and keyed.”

It noted that the people also insisted that slamming a 24-hour curfew on innocent people while the armed herdsmen freely walk around is a reckless abuse of power that has no place in a democratic environment.

“We are keenly desirous of having peace in Southern Kaduna and would passionately applaud any sincere initiative capable of such, not any knee-jerk reaction devoid of any semblance of seriousness and sincerity,” the forum noted.


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