Security Paramount To Re-election Bid, Okojie Tells Buhari


Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Archdiocese, Archbishop  Okogie, has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to consider security challenges as a primary issue rather than 2019 reelection bid.

According to the Archbishop,security is paramount to reelection.
In a memo made available to newsmen Okogie maintained that the issue of security must not be swept under the carpet, urging Nigerians to demand for the whereabouts of the culprits behind killings of innocent souls.
He lamented the situation where criminals are often paraded  but no prosecution and conviction are made.
Okogie condemns reasons some heads of security agencies and government officials are employing such as; denial of access to grazing land,communal clash, as factors orchestrating the killings.
He frowned at the contradiction that the killers are Nigerians in quest for accommodation while  it is  later claimed that they are foreigners, however he insisted that the government must bring the killers to book and fire the government officials who  give ridiculous explanations as regards the killings.
The Archbishop finally sought answers to series of questions since the government is responsible for security; “Who and where are the criminals?Where are the people who kill Nigerians? Why have they not appeared in court?What is the federal government and its security agencies waiting for?” He queried.


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