President Muaythai Federation Berates NOC For Denying Athletes Opportunity


Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Barrister Solomon Dalung

‎President of the Muaythai Federation of Nigeria, Comrade Paul Egonu, has bemoaned the inaction of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) to allow the impasse in the leadership of the Federation to prevent Nigeria from fielding athletes for the Africa Championship holding in Morocco this weekend.
Apart from denying the athletes opportunity to represent the country at the Africa championship, the impasse has also hindered efforts to take the sport to the next level.
Egonu said that pyresident of the Africa Muaythai Federation, Hilali Idris informed him that a member of the Nigeria Olympic Committee, Mr Jonathan Nnaji, led a delegation to Morocco ‎for the Africa Championship.
The federation boss, Paul Egonu, is appealing to the world ruling body of Muaythai to expedite action in issuing athletes and board members confirmation letters for the the first Africa Muaythai championship billed for Morocco between December 15 and 17 due to inability to access a letter of confirmation from Nigeria Olympic Committee based on the challenges facing the federation.
Egonu said that the country’s flag bearers have been in camp since October perfecting strategy for the Africa championship are in high spirit and rearing to go.
Egonu said that visas and other logistics were sorted out but the federation was still awaiting the invitation letter from the world body, after NOC rectification.
This will be the first time in a long while that the country will be competing for honours in long while in the continent.
Nigeria will be represented by three male athletes ‎namely Robert George,‎ Osaka Oyee and Daniel Frankdux Bassey ‎with Sarah Kate Ukaki as the only female athlete and ‎ Mr. Martins Gabriel‎ as the Team Manager.
‎‎MFN ‎‎President Comrade Egonu Eligbaesor Paul will head the accompanying officials ‎made up of Coach Lucky Ebunu‎ and Leader Yahcob Kingsley Onyewuchi David.


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