Performance Of  Yobe Sports Council In Sporting Space Calls For  Concern



Despite an appreciable performance in the early years since the creation of Yobe State, the Sports Council’s performance has significantly declined.

Yobe State was once known for its achievements in hockey and other indoor sports such as badminton, volleyball, and basketball among others. However, over time, the council has failed to maintain the same level of success, despite the state government’s significant investments in sports encouragement.

There are several factors that may have contributed to this decline. Fitness is just one aspect of sports performance, and other factors such as psychological preparedness, supply of equipment, training opportunities, coaching expertise, nutritional status, support networks, and funding all play crucial roles.

Insufficient time for exercise, lack of self-motivation, poor leadership, limited job experience and training, and corruption within the leadership may have contributed to the decline in sports performance.

To address these issues and improve sports performance, the government must take decisive action. Measures should be implemented to address the factors mentioned above and tackle corruption within the sports management. Enough is enough, considering the significant investment in sports development, it is unacceptable for Yobe State to be recording poor performances.

With the government’s continued interest in sports history, it is crucial to take immediate action and work towards restoring Yobe State’s position as a strong contender in the sporting arena.

The recently concluded national sports festival in Abuja and similar events in the past clearly indicate the poor performance of the Yobe State in sports. To further validate this claim, the upcoming zonal youth games  in the state, will serve as a litmus test.

As the host state, the zonal youth games will be a crucial event to judge the state’s performance. I call upon my colleagues in sports writing to closely observe and report on the preparations, motivation, and provisions of sporting materials for this upcoming event.

This is an opportunity to shed light on the issues and challenges faced by the Yobe Sports Council and to hold the authorities accountable for the state’s poor sports performance. Reporting on these aspects will help bring attention to the necessary improvements and reforms needed to revive and elevate the sports scene in Yobe State.

By closely monitoring the upcoming zonal sports festival, we can contribute to the discussion on how to address the current shortcomings and create a roadmap for a brighter future for sports in Yobe State.

Together, we can make a difference by bringing these matters to the forefront and advocating for positive change in sports management and development.

Ahmed K. Amshi,  is SWAN VP North East


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