PDP’s Isa Ashiru Continues To Gather Momentum In Kaduna



In the last few months, the Kaduna People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Honourable Isa Ashiru has indeed displayed capacity and brilliance at several media outings within and outside the state.

His intellectual disposition at different interactive platforms has made him the toast of the good people of Kaduna State. It is no wonder that, he is now being referred to as the shining star of Kaduna State politics.

Ashiru has interacted freely with the media on different occasions to sell his candidature and his agenda for the people. 

He participated at a media parley organized by the NUJ Kaduna State Council. He was also at the BBC debate shortly after granting an interview on Arise TV and subsequently appeared on TVC and the Invicta Radio programmes.

All these appearances have succeeded in reinforcing in the minds of the electorate of his preparedness to govern the state and disabuse the funny negative perception sponsored by his opponents, alleging that he could not express himself in the public domain.

One of Ashiru’s best media outings where he succeeded in proving his opponents wrong was the BBC debate. He left his opponents astounded because of his sterling grasp of burning issues affecting the state. His performance at the BBC Hausa service debate attracted millions of the electorate to him.

Ashiru’s calm, calculated, coordinated manner and approach to answering questions scored him high above other contenders at the debate.

At some point, while he was making his presentation, participants at the debate venue chanted ‘ Sai Mai Trabiyya, Sai Mai Gaskiya ‘ meaning, the well trained and truthful Isa Ashiru.

The BBC gubernatorial debate, which is the first of its kind in Kaduna State, indeed provided a platform for Isa Ashiru to showcase his capabilities and this, has no doubt, made him the talk of the town with fanfare because of his marvelous performance.

Throughout the debate, the PDP gubernatorial candidate, Isa Ashiru humbled himself, he exhibited calmness, was very articulate, meticulous, composed, and remained balanced while showing a total grasp of the burning issues in the state in all his responses to questions from the moderator, the spectators and callers.

This debate which gave Ashiru an edge over his co-contestants and made him a shining star, had in attendance various stakeholders, politicians, students and people from all walks of life at the 1000 seater auditorium of the Kaduna State University (KASU).

The event, to many political analysts, even beyond the shores of Kaduna state was tagged an exhibition of talents and plans of the gubernatorial candidates for the state. 

It was also an avenue for the candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Uba Sani, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Senator Othman Suleiman Hunkuyi and the man of the moment, Honourable Isa Ashiru Kudan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to showcase their blueprints to the good people of Kaduna state.

No doubt, at the debate, Ashiru’s ideas and blueprint gave him an edge over other participating candidates. His ideas were more sellable, pragmatic and implementable. He promised to reverse many of the bad and anti-people policies of Governor Nasiru El-Rufai’s administration and better the means of livelihood of the common man when elected into office, just as the APC candidate, Sen. Uba Sani promised to continue with them. 

Ashiru however assured of assessing policies to be dropped solely on the basis of whether they are in the interest of the good people of Kaduna state.

In his display of maturity and readiness to be the next number one citizen of the state, at a point, Ashiru calmed the crowd at the debate for his opponent Sen. Uba Sani to enable him make his point. The crowd became unhappily uncontrollable when the APC candidate tried defending the increments of tuition fees at the state owned tertiary institutions and the demolition of various markets across the state and revoking of shops by the APC administration, among other unpopular policies.

Ashiru assured students of his willingness to reduce the high fees paid in state-owned tertiary institutions to enable students who have been forced to drop out of school to return just as he attributed the current security challenges experienced in Kaduna to increased poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and the removal of dozens of district heads by Governor El-Rufai which created ungoverned spaces that the bandits have occupied and are using to create havoc.

Other issues he spoke on include strengthening the rural economy through Agricultural and rural transformation by ensuring a reinstatement of subsidies on farm inputs and implements for the rural communities. He assured of also promoting equity, fairness and justice to all segments of the state as well as promoting unity amongst the people of the state. Doing these will ensure easy citizens participation and support for government programmes and an assured egalitarian and more inclusive society. 

Ashiru, Kaduna’s rising star with brilliant ideas has surely attracted residents to himself. He has earned their trust, as many are willing to vote massively for him at the polls.

Tanko writes from Kaduna state


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