PDP Will Take Over Borno In 2023 – Kudla



The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Borno South Senatorial Candidate, Hon Kudla Satumari Haske has said that with the massive support of the people, his party will takeover the state in the 2023 elections.

According to Haske, the PDP has been getting massive votes in the past elections, which he said were suppressed adding that with the new electoral act that legitimised the use of Bi-Modal Voters Accreditation Machine System (BIVAS), his party will take over the government.

Haske stated this in the aftermath of a rally the PDP organised in Borno, which videos show large crowd starting from the Airport Road down to Maiduguri city where a party office was also commissioned.

“In the video, you hear people chanting PDP has taken over Borno State.

“I have said it before that North East will vote for President and not Vice President and Borno State is made up of people who are conscious of what they want.

“My constituency, Borno South is predominantly PDP. You can see the video even in Borno State capital have confirmed what we have been saying.

“People will not have the opportunity of writing votes in the 2023 general elections again because people are now holding their leaders accountable. Electronic voting and electronic transmission of election results will be used.

“You have not seen anything yet. The people of Southern Borno are planing a massive rally which will affirm that Borno is PDP,” Haske said.

According to Haske, despite the fact that they were denied venue for the rally, people still trooped in large numbers to confirm their support for the PDP.

“We booked for a venue for the rally, they said the government was using it. We did our rally from the Airport to commission our office in Borno town. In the past, they have refused us to rent an office. Our office was even demolished and we are getting sympathy from the people.

“APC members are joining us because the BVAS will mitigate rigging. Whatever they want to do, we will be up to the task. We are calling on the whole world to beam it’s searchlights on Borno State in this election because opposition have been producing votes that don’t count.

“But with the electoral reforms, people are ready to protect their votes. People who decamped to the PDP said they will protect the votes to rescue Nigeria.

“However, I advise my supporters to ensure they are not complacent. They should ensure that the need to changing the government is done. We should ensure that the PDP produce the next government. We must ensure that we rescue Borno State. If you read the newspapers, you will think Borno is inhabitable. But the videos of our rally put a lie to that. Some of the issues that have to do with insecurity are over exaggerating by people who have failed to fix it because that is what they use to rig the elections. People who are supposed to lead have been denied,” Haske said.

According to Haske, the PDP government in Borno State will run an all inclusive government.

“If you interview contractors and people on the streets in Borno State, you will know that people are not happy with the government. Let the people come together and ensure that the change they have been yearning for is actualised,” Haske added.


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