Oshiomhole’s N200m mansion a misplaced priority – MURIC …says money enough to pay 42 months pension arrears


While acknowledging the contributions of former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has frowned at the decision of the State Assembly decision to give him a N200 million mansion as a parting gift.
In a statement signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, MURIC said that a nation going through recession cannot afford such frivolity.
“When will Nigerian politicians get it right? Why must the occupation of public office attract the accumulation of wealth? Coming from a labour background, even Comrade Oshiomole himself was never known to be materialistic. Neither did he manifest any love for pomp and pageantry while in office. Must the honourable members coax him into their club of politicians who have ‘arrived’?
“A nation in recession cannot afford such luxury. Can the Benin lawmakers tell us that the ex-governor has no house of his own? Has he been sleeping on the streets since he left government house? We commend the governor for not owing workers salaries but can the legislators beat their chests and tell us that Edo State is not owing arrears of pensions?”
MURIC wondered why the money was not channeled into payment of pension areas.
“Has Edo State settled the 42 months arrears of pensions? Do the lawmakers know what it means to retire and get nothing at the end of the month for three and a half years? It means many retired civil servants and teachers are dropping dead on the streets of Benin. Must the lawmakers give the former governor a mansion haunted by the ghosts of pensioners?” The statement queried.
MURIC therefore advised the honourable members of the Edo State House of Assembly to spend the N200 million earmarked for the former governor’s house on paying pensioners’ arrears.
“Oshiomole is not a poor man by any standard. Neither can he be homeless at this point in time. The good news is that Abuja is very keen on drafting him into the Federal Executive Council. He has performed well. Let us not smear his good name with wrongful possessions,” it submitted.
It would be recalled that the Edo State House of Assembly last week voted a N200 million mansion for the immediate past governor of the state, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.


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